The little faerie holds a feathered bird
and the felted kitty has a divine curled tail. 


The standing joke here at the nest

is how long the tree will stay up.

When the subject first comes up each year

I rather take it as a challenge to be honest

I mean, seriously!!

These two new additions

carefully chosen and presented 

by my oldest little bird and lovely DIL

should have AT LEAST the same amount of 

'face time'

as the older ornaments

Don' you think???
So that would make the 'take down date'

early February minimum

And since last year the tree stayed up until just before 

Valentine's Day.....

I think we are all set!!


Marianne C. said...

I do agree, can even make a little heart ornament just before Valentine's Day (hee,hee)

I knew a tree once that remained in tact for a year! But I think in that case it was more that no one wanted the job of taking it down than for any nostalgic reason.

More power to the new ornament,

debi said...

I say add a few hearts to the tree and go for it!! lol
Your new ornaments are adorable and so sweet!

Joanne Huffman said...

It's never too long to keep up a piece of beauty.

theresa martin said...

February sounds about right!
Happy New Year to you!

CathWren said...

Oh my, your two newest little adornments are delightful. I agree, February should be the very soonest to put them away. But, what a sweet surprise they will be when you discover them all over again in December.