On my Marie Antoinette Mail Art group

we had a Secret Santa Stocking Swap

We were to embellish an elegant stocking

and then fill it with little gifts for each other

One item at least needed to be embellished 

with non other than... Marie Antoinette 

I was to send to Terri Lynn and this is what I
created for her

A creme colored, moire satin stocking
to which I added vintage ruffled lace to the cuff

 along with a strand of rhinestones and several

organza and ribbon flowers that had some

cream tulle behind it. 
I then added vintage, crinkled rayon ribbon 

down the front and topped that with rhinestones

On the toe is a rosette of tulle and flowers. 

On a silk sheet I printed out an image of Marie
and made that into a tag to hang on the stocking

this was also embellished with ribbon, lace,

and a touch of glitter.

Inside I place all manner of surprises for Terri...
rubber and clear stamps, rayon ribbons,

Marie tags, tea dyed circle tags, a few 

vintage French pins, 

a little Marie sticky note pad.  

Just fun, things I knew she would

For a special treat,

I created one of my Button Faeries

using buttons from my vintage collection. 

The little sentiment was from a Yogi tea and was sitting in the gift box


 One more extra gift was a little angel 
from the Kelly Rae collection

I received a stocking from Kris, who acted as hostess
for this fun swap.

A very rich and elegant velvet, satin and brocade
affair filled with wonderful laces, glitter, German 
scrap, and trim. 
This beautiful shrine ornament
was one of her creations and it's about 5" 

and the photo does not do it justice I can tell you!

It found a perfect spot on the wall in my nest
so I can enjoy it all year. 

This collection of peacock charms and embellishments

are especially dear since we decided that Marie's

muse and mascot would be the peacock 

which we named(after having a very fun contest) 

Prince Pierre Paon.  

This was a very thoughtful, AND amusing addition

Thank you so much, Kris for a lovely swap
and a beautiful stocking and gifts.

I have the week off and so many things on my


And I have lots more to share, including a fun day

trip taken when two of my little birds and one special

daughter-in-law were here.........and two new 

members of the clan here at Faerieluna........

and so much more.   

So until then............have a beautiful day!!


maggiegracecreates said...

Rella - I saw a stunning huge metalwork butterfly many years ago that I used to inspire my button butterflies. They are similar to your fairies.

I am also making button angels as well.

I would like to send you one as appreciation for the inspiration and beauty you so generously share here.

My email address is teresahome @juno.com and you should be able to link to my place from the comment post.

I love coming here to see your inspirations and positive beauty.

Teresa Atkinson aka maggiegrace

Terri said...

Oh I do love the stocking you made me as well as all the gifts you put inside! I am so blessed!
The stocking you received is gorgeous. All the gifts included look very lovely as well.
Hope you are still having a great time at home!

Suz said...

What a beautiful example of giving and receiving! Both stockings are so beautiful. Your button angel is somspecial. I love her and her " tea" message!

Joanne Huffman said...

simply beautiful stockings and treasures.

debi said...

Both stockings are Gorgeous!!! I love the one Kris created for you, and every time I see the one you created, I just drool. It is so feminine and beautiful!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What treasures Rella ~ So very beautiful! I love the button angel! Blessings ~ Katie