Now is a cooking maniac.

ULTRABROTH how I love thee!!

(insert pause as I lift cup of nectar up to lips)

This pot of goodness is on the stove twice a week.

I would need a ginormous pot to make a week's worth

........but looking into that. Or two pots will be simmering

on Saturdays.

Organic veggies include:

Shitake mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic, kale, kelp, daikon,
ginger root, turnip, butternut squash, parsley, celery, sea salt, pure water.

Sometimes I mix up the butternut for acorn...could use cilantro
instead of parsley.

PROGRESS UPDATE ON DAY 8 OF Dr. Mark Hyman's detox program.

Aside from some wonky leg fatigue issues

that cropped up a day or two before the start
(and this is getting better)

sinuses cleared - nose breathing excellent

crazy ear feeling of liquid in the morning - gone

heart palpitations - 98% gone

I feel amazing. I am sleeping well, my bit of swelling in feet gone.

skin is looking great

I don't know about weight loss specifically as I am more focused on getting well,

but my jeans today feel looser.

My sense of calm is amazing.

My blood pressure is 124/70 (sadly I did not document this prior to start)
without the 1/2 low dose tab I was taking.

I feel psychologically more like the person I used to be.


I can feel that this program is life saving.

As dramatic as that sounds

trust it.

I remember when my family was young and I went the 'health food' way

making my own yogurt, buying only from organic co-ops

feeding my children as healthy as possible.

Ohhhhhhhhh that was tough

when we visited inlaws.......eeekkkkk they shook their heads

or looked at me like I had two heads.

Then the children get older and go to school and are out of your reach.

But you know what??

Two of the three children, now adults,

began healthier eating many years ago.

And my little girl bird is very proud of her Mom

Yes she is...told me just today how happy she was.

Me, too, little bird.


Cinderella Moments said...

Yummy! How funny...I was just reading your colorful boules post when I got the message that you left a comment on my blog! By the way, this farmhouse dollhouse started out as a kit. So those slots were there. But I've cut out my own with my hand held rotary tool. It's really easy. I have this little wheel blade attachment. It's exactly the width of the kit ones. But if I can I use the kits as a base so I don't spend 2 weeks just cutting stuff out.
I love your writing style. Your posts are so much fun to read!


Jenny said...

This was such a sweet post - Organic veggies are the best and there is nothing better than sharing healthy things with your family!!!

debi said...

Rella, I'm so glad that you're feeling better! I hope that continues! HUGS

Meri Wiley said...

Oh Rella, I'm so happy for you. I sincerely wish I could attempt this, but with others in the household with weaker willpower than I, and the fact that healthy stuff costs more.....I just don't see it happening for me right now. Thank you for all the information you've given me and the words of encouragement. Best of luck to you missy.......take care.


Laura Haviland said...

Oh that looks and sounds so delious,Rella.
Thank you for visiting my blog and being so sweet.
I have had your art doll finished for a long time,if you still want to trade dear friend ?
She is a special one just for you.
Wishing you good healthy and happiness. Hugs Laura. xoxx
Have a great day.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Good for you, Rella, This is such a huge step. We are doing the South Beach Diet at our house and the elimination of sugar and white bread seems enormous. I fee a lot better.

I have done several elimination diets at various times. Luckily I have a GP who supports which changes. I know how lucky I am!

Keep it up. I am so glad to hear you re feeling better!


Joanne Huffman said...

very good that it's working so well for you.