By a show of hands

who is NOT still holding their aching sides

from 'tears running down your face' laughter

over THE funniest repartee between Tim Gunn

and a designer on Project Runway EVER??


Shall I refresh?

Tim walks over to Kristin's table and they begin discussing

her rather colorful, whirly, twirly, outfit

and while asking Kristin if there is a waistband
to this pile of plastic ribbon skirt

Kristin begins to explain th
at she has been
stringing them together

and with a very serious look on his face.
(I know,...normal for Tim.)

Tim picks up a package and says......

"Oh, they're animal wooly balls"


THERE.... HERE......


one half nano second later,

he reads the French "Boules Wooly"

and wonders if the French gives them some sort of, oh,

I don't know, class I guess.

And through his laugh-tears, our beloved Tim exclaims:

"Do it, it's so wacky and ridiculous, who would DARE to disapprove?!!"

But it's not over!!!!


Kristin doesn't skip a beat

she reaches over and picks up

another package and...

Now comes the the icing...........

"well, if that doesn't work I have these

REAL balls.

O.K...I'm melting in tears

Tim is red with laughter

the whole room of designers is now out of control laughing

and I cannot hear anything because I've now moved directly

to the over tired.....hard to catch my breath laughter.

I must say, this episode will go down in history...and there is more

but I can't even type it because the giddy has returned.


Jamie said...

I love you Sweet Rella!! Love,Jamie

Sharon said...

Hand Up. And yes, your typing it gave me the giggles again. I thought it was one of the best "real" moments of all seasons.
Luv U

Joanne Huffman said...

I was visiting my friend Fran and got to see this; it really was hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Too, too funny. Makes me think I need a TV afterall. :)
Happy weekend to you!

Rella said...

O.K. so for anyone who has cox on demand...you can go to lifetime and watch this over...and over again. I tell you, the funny has not left the building yet!

xox Rella
and shall we TALK...about the 'coal up the butt - turn it to a diamond' conversation. Sharon, you are right, this was one of the best "real" moments.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Sorry I missed it, Rella, but you told it so well. That is hilarious!