I was looking at this photo of a piece I made

my little bird for her birthday a few years ago.

It jumped out at me because I had followed my own advice..

and listened to that voice.

So I am here to tell you that I am feeling

so much better

theses past few days.

The initial first two days were a bit trying.

Withdrawal is never easy.

No latte.

No afternoon coffee

No sugar.

No flour (gluten) ...you get the picture.

The body and mind become sadly dependent.


The sinuses are clearing and I can breath well.

My skin is looking better than ever.

The body aches are leaving as the inflammation is going away.

And I slept well last night without medication for the first time

in many years.

Because it was time....

This is the right road to be on

and I am looking forward to daily improvement.

My new love = Ultra Broth (I actually have to cook this up) that I have 4 times a day

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this delicate and power packed broth.

I call it 'Nectar'


La Dolce Vita said...

well, have we had this conversation? I am so proud of you!! it is sooo hard, but it feels so good!
I am off all gluten .. a year in june, no caffeine, not even chocolate since march this year and have radically reduced all sugar... and finally feeling soo much better!! but oh my how I miss my morning coffee! I can't pass a starbucks and not feel sad!! LOL!!

Rella said...

Cat, I wondered if I would ever NOT miss my latte. I made a fab one every morning with illy coffee and my own darling espresso machine. It was like heaven, every single morning. But I hope that feeling good again will always be enough for me. Green tea will never replace the rich latte for sure. :)

hugs ~ Rella

Debby said...

Hi Rella,
Good for you and I am glad you are feeling so good!!! This must be very hard to do. I love your collage, beautiful.

Terri said...

Oh Rella, I am so thrilled for you that your path to healing is showing results already. How fab that you had a good sleep without medication. That is so good.
(I really do understand the significance of this).
The broth sounds great. Can you tell us how to make it?
I too have been off gluten for a year and a half. I do not miss it anymore. I feel much better off.
I am only recently off sugar (again)
Not easy! But always worth the effort.
That is a lovely art piece you have done, and the sentiment is perfect!

Ineke van den Akker said...

I'm so happy for you, you're felling better.
Count your blessings!
with love,

Katsui Jewelry said...

Good for you, Rella. That is such a hard thing to do. I have been on several elimination diets over the years, trying to figure out what makes me feel so lousy. Right now I am off caffeine and sugar and do notice a difference.
i am so proud of you for doing this because I know how hard the withdrawal can be. I am especially glad that you are getting some positive results.

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm very happy to hear you're feeling better. The paths we choose to follow are often wonderful journeys to themselves, no matter where we're actually headed. I really hope we get to meet up next time I'm in AZ.

Awishdream said...

Wonderful news Rella! so glad you are feeling good,nothing can be better than our health, priceless!
You are strong for sticking to it, it's not easy!

Mel :)