How often do you ask yourself...........


Typically, life events cause me to pause and ponder that question. own

my children's...

But not today.

Today I am just remembering

A different version of dreamtravel

This morning I have revisited the home

and fields and woods of my childhood

Happy days and lightning bug nights.

with thoughts of antics with my favorite person in the whole world

before the teenage years arrived

and we morphed into awkward creatures

My brother, Larry.

next in line of what eventually became 5 siblings to me, the oldest.

The photo above is at the New York World's Fair.

I look worried.

Certainly not as gleeful as younger (by two years)brother.

If you are wondering who cut his hair, I am pretty sure it was my father

as I have vague memories of the three boys sitting for Dad,

clippers in hand and hair falling to the linoleum kitchen floor.

we never knew if there would be that telltale nick

in the back of the head that left a bit of white patch.

I really should ask my brother if those hair cutting days were traumatic.

Now if you are wondering who was responsible for my short, short bangs...hmmmm

probably my Mom, but I don't remember.

That curly hair was not natural I can tell you.

Nope, straight as an arrow my hair was and is.

That curl took some doing!!

Pin curls or rollers.

Every day.

Even now it's a challenge to get it to do SOMETHING.

My brother and I were thick as friends.

Sharing a huge upstairs bedroom for a little while

and making shadow puppets on the

wall thanks to a nightlight......

laughter always brought Dad up the stairs

EVERY night.

We would get in trouble for playing and laughing and NOT sleeping.

Seems crazy, actually. To get 'in trouble' for laughing........

Good thing Dad is 2500 miles away now, I guess (not really)

I'd be in trouble every day.

MANY times a day.

I wish you a laughter-filled



Claudia said...

What wonderful memories! And yes, I continually ask myself where did the time go? It seems to go by faster as you get older, have you noticed?


Jamie said...

I love traveling back with you and looking into the linoleum floored kitchen. Your words sent the sounds of your childhood home to me. Love, Jamie

Rella said...

Hello and hugs to Claudia and Jamie..dear bloggie friends. Yes, Claudia..faster and faster like a photo taken on a fast moving train. Scary to me that just about every half year brings it faster. I want to put my foot out and stop it..or even slow it down. Maybe even turn around and and hit the 'repeat button' And dear, dear Jaime..shall we go back and be girlfriends playing outside on a blanket with our Barbies? When the days seemed so long and Christmas morning too far away?

xox Rella

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Rella,

Thank you so much for sharing your past. It's so fun to visit others past lives, only to find that we're really all the same or at least have the same experiences.


One Crabapple said...

YOU are Precious

That photo is Precious !


yes...pincurls and curlers ,every day...oh man, I do remember

Love your sharing / caring

Your Other Half.

The Brother.

I have one too.....

Here's to Lightening Bugs


Over Every Thing

and not Being Able To Stop

xo - thank you

wish it back at cha


Romeo said...

Hi Pia! That's a great post your mom did!!! I have been told about memories involving laughter when there should be snoring.....and yes, the stern reprimands for not being asleep....and lightning bugs? Oh yes! We both love lightning bugs!!!! Great memories...great post!!! I hope you are having a grand weekend!!



One Crabapple said...

ps. it was probably your mom that did that to you

I had the same bang issue

and TRAUMA every time it came to

another pass to "make them straighter"

until they were WAY UP THERE

then she would say "thats ok, we will set pin curls !"

(eyeroll---oh yay)


you sparked memories

Miss Faerie Lightening Bug


Joanne Huffman said...

Great photo! I fondly remember the New York World's Fair. And how nice to have so many happy memories filled with laughter.

Terri said...

Ah yes, we all had haircuts and bang like that : )
I remember well too.
My dad and your dad must have gone to the same school. No laughing at our house either, especially at the table or in bed at night.
It is different now though, isn't it? I love hearing my kids laugh! It feels like all is well when we are sitting around the table laughing at something someone said. So good!

And yes, Christmas morning was often too far away, but never too far to dream about it.
Thank you for your lovely post, it brings back memories.

Ryan said...

You and uncle Larry were like me and Renee when we were kids...wait .. we still act like kids :) Great post mom!

Rella said...
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Rella said...

Ah....dear friends...Romeo the cat...and oldest son...I see you have all walked down memory lane with me!! It seems that whether we are in our 30's or 50's we all have fab memories. As I looked back at the photo here of me...that worried..eyes directly in the camera - many times I captured that same look, same eyes in YOU, are your Mother's son :) :) and yes, Larry and I were very much like you and Nee...but the two/three of you did it a whole lot better and did not skip a beat as you entered adulthood. It has always brought me incredible joy to watch how close the three of you are.


Cinderella Moments said...

That's so sweet! Haircuts! We've all had our share of interesting coiffures! Heeheehee! Super cute blog! I'll be back to check on ya!


Katsui Jewelry said...

Delightful, Rella. I grew up with three brothers, Later there was a fourth. As a whole, it was wild, crazy and lots of fun. We went through every baby sitter in town...once.

debi said...

Rella, I just cannot believe the similarities in our lives, every time I learn something new about you.

But, in our house, the super short bangs were thanks to my dad. He used to line up my siblings and I, on Sunday night, after our baths, and go after those bangs. ahhhhh!

suze said...

I also had a brother named Larry...but we never called him that. One day a friend called and asked for Larry and my Mom told them thay had the wrong number.
Love the old photo...I am trying to hold on to my memories.
Yep, time is flying by and that is why Iam moving back East in 3 weeks. If I wait 5 more years all the kids will be grown and gone!

CathWren said...

Hello there Rella! My youngest son Ian turned 20 today, where does the time go? One thing for certain, it's going fast. Carpe Diem!

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Rella, what a wonderful picture and story, I remember bangs like that alot!!!!!. My mom would say just a little trim and she always had such trouble getting them straight and the shorter they would go. Thanks for sharing, wonderful memories. Hugs, Terri