Anyone here addicted to Etsy??

Anyone?? Anyone??

"Hello, my name is Rella and I am an Etsaholic"

I am neither ashamed or proud

It is what it is

If I am not shopping,

I am just looking

I will even stay at the front page

and watch the newly listed items come up

Like watching T.V. or a little video

just for fun!!!

The little banner above is the one in my own (empty) Etsy shop.

Perhaps if I spent less time looking and more time creating

I would actually HAVE something in my shop.


Seriously, however, the reason I am bringing this up

is that every once in a while I would like to share

some fabulous and even whacky finds.


so to speak.

I have some favorite sellers for digital images

that I use in my own creations

Sandy is one that I want to share with you.

In my never ending quest for Marie Antoinette images,

I was delighted to find the most exquisite one at her site


just by doing a 'search' for Marie Antoinette once I was in Etsy

and this one popped up....isn't she grand??!!!

Of course, the watermark is not there when you purchase it
this is Sandy's picture directly from Etsy so you can see the quality.

***From here on the font has gone bonkers and I cannot fix it..
I apologize for what this might do to your eyes.

And then realized I had 'met' Sandy several years ago
when blogging was rather new to all of us.

A very talented artisan and now here she is with gorgeous digis.

That's what I call them..DIGIs

Well, of course I had to have a few of her lovely sheets

and may I just say that they are
D I V I N E.

They print out gorgeously and she has some really
unique designs that I just love, love, love....even Blythe!!

and if you love Jane Austin...well, hold on girlfriend!!!!

So I had to share. NOT because I want to foster addictions in anyone else


But when an ETSY experience is grand, I love to talk about it....

and I have more stories...........believe me....many more

But if you love digital images for your artwork....go visit Sandy

and do tell her Rella sent you...


One Crabapple said...



thank YOU

and actually the large font works !

I can read it easier and my poor old peepers


So pretty here

your blog is gorgeous !

xo- S.

ps etsy IS An Addiction, isn't it ?!!! (I watch the new items video too....heh heh)

debi said...

Hi Rella!

My name is Debi, and I'm a fellow Etsaholic. Like you, I spend time there window shopping (a little bit), and buying (ALOT), and sometimes watching the front page to make sure I don't miss anything! teehee

Thanks for the links. I will definitely check them out!

Have a great weekend! Hugs

Rella said...

Welcome, Debi. We are a gentle and understanding group. We won't try to change you...heck, we will more than likely lead you to ETsy shops you've never seen before!! There is no 12 step plan or maybe it's 10 steps...not sure..regardless, we will hold your hand...all the way to the check out page.

xox Rella

Katsui Jewelry said...

I am going NOW!I have a sachet swap I am doing and transfers and beads are the name of the game. One woman loves all things French and that is the prettiest Marie I have ever seen. I don't even like Marie things!

Here is my Etsy addiction. I go spend hours and "buy" all these things, then I empty my cart about four hours later...bad!


Terri said...

You can sit on Esty and watch new items come up??? I didn't know!

Sometimes I do this too, but it is me going out to flea markets or Joann's Fabrics, and then I think to myself (like you do), "If I were home, I could be creating things, instead of increasing my stash!"

So, I don't have an addiction to Etsy, but...I do find myself off somewhere else "acquiring" instead of creating (sometimes too often).

I do, though, think I am going to check out that Etsy shop you mentioned....the goat hair is drying anyways...sooooo....what could it hurt : )
Hugs dear one,