As part of a wonderful group of artisans who trade art pieces,
I have received some truly gorgeous pieces in swaps.

Every once in a while, to my surprise, I open the mailbox
and discover a total surprise.....

often thought of a RAK's or Random Acts of Kindness.

Such was the case again, when two artisans in my Marie Antoinette
group gifted me with some of their beautiful work.

The arch above is from Michelle Carrier.

She does not have a blog I can
link to,
but she is a fabulous artisan who is a full-time student
and mother to
a darling three year old boy.

Eeeking out creative time is hard for most of us,

but it's quite a challenge when you are studying
and devoted to a little one.

Prior to returning to school, Michelle used to work as a scenic artist in LA (painting backdrops, faux, murals for tv and movies) and I can imagine when I see her tiny pieces like this arch,
that she was quite successful creating those scenes in LA.

The color combination she chose here was inspired by our mascot in the group, the peacock, Prince Piere Paon!!

Well done!

Michelle always adds beautiful little dangly gems on her little pieces
which is such a gorgeous touch.

Thank you, Michelle, for this lovely gift, and the pleasure of getting to know you more.

The second and third piece arrived from another member,

Terri Gordon.

In this piece I love how Prince P. is listening intently
to Marie as she reads

For once he is absorbed in something else besides himself.

Terri's 3D work is like none I've ever seen.

She can cut the teeny, tiniest pieces
and then arrange them
in multiple layers. The shadows you see on the teacup ATC
are NOT painted in. It is 3D and you can actually look
down into the cup and the saucer is built up, also!!


My eyes hurt just thinking about it!!

Terri has a blog called Design's by Terri Gordon
and I encourage you to visit her
and get to know this lovely artisan,
mother of two grown sons that she adores and wife to a medical illustrator, acting as bookkeeper to his two businesses. Another
busy, busy artisan.

Thank you, Terri for these stunning gifts and your mentoring and generous help in our group.


pinkglitterfae said...

Wow! gorgeous pieces, what a thrill to receive something this lovely!
don't you just love RAKs?

La Dolce Vita said...

I agree, Terri's work is amazing!! xoxo

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Rella,

Wow, those gifts you received are gorgeous and very sweet, too.


Romeo said...

WOW! Even my little paws would have problems cutting out those little pieces! Both gifts are beautiful - what great swap friends you have!!!!

I need to find a mouse swap so next time I open up the mailbox there's a nice treat for me! What do you think? Know of any mousie swaps?



Terri said...

Beautiful gifts! I am so glad you received them.
I just looked and realized I had not been "following" you....I thought I was... Anyways. I am now for sure!

Have a lovely day,

Katsui Jewelry said...

You are a very talented group...I probably have said that before!

Sea Gypsy Magickals said...

So beautiful those lovely gifts dear Rella!
I love your new blog too!! Just beautiful! We are moving back to San Diego soon my sweet friend! Out of the heat and back to the Ocean. Sending you much love,

salige lavendel said...

Beautiful gifts and a nice blog you have! Nice you stopped by my blog so i found yours =) The price for the lace you asked about is 5,75 USD pr. meter.

Lori Saul said...

What beautiful pieces- so inspiring! Swaps are wonderful fun for learning and sharing. I look forward to visiting your lovely blog again!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rella, Thank you so much for showing my work, I appreciate it. I am so glad that you like what I sent. I knew I had to send the arch to you for all you do for our wonderful group, thank you. Have a wonderful week and I hope you stay cool. Hugs, Terri