nOtEs FrOm tHe nEsT

Hello my dear bloggies.

It's been another beautiful weekend here in the desert.
Blue skies, really cool and comfortable temps.
I can honestly say I was beside myself with glee.

Art-wise I finished up a swap that had the theme

"Coming Up Roses"

Still in the Marie Antoinette mode,

I gathered a rose themed collection of items

and then embellished a round box to hold it all.
(top of box)

I apologize here that the font is going wonky
I cannot make it all one size.
It goes from huge to tiny then tinier


Off it went to the secret partner

As I was looking at my collection of photos,

I remembered this little morsel I put together for a swap
back around Valentines Day

Little bon-bon cups.

We were partnered up and the gal I was to create for

is head-over-heels in love with pink

So I fru-fru'd and pinked up this little gem

and included a few truffles from our local shop

It's pretty dangerous to have such a fabulous

chocolate factory so close to home!

I can tell you that their chocolate covered toffee

is the best I've ever, ever had!
(psssst...they do mail order if you are craving it)

Not much else is going on here at the nest

le chat is behaving


is happily swimming in his little world

at the DOD

which makes me smile when the drama begins

and it ALWAYS begins.

Mr. J. has been very busy with our cafe

as it is high season for Snow Birds

I am delighted that on Sunday and Monday

he closes at 4:00 and we have a few hours together

tonight = Chinese and the second disc of the first season of

Nurse Jackie

Totally awesome series by Showtime starring Edie Falco

That's it for now

I wish you all a week filled with joy

and the company of those you love

xox Rella


Jacqueline said...

All I can say is this Jackie should go check out nurse Jackie! Hi to you Rella from little ol' me at Once Upon a Fairyland.

suze said...

Ohhh...such yummy things you have here! I have to say that you leave me the sweetest comments and for that I must thank you from the bottom of my heart.
The new season of Nurse Jackie started yesterday and I watched the new episode tonight. Love it when the new shows start back up, like last night's Dancing with the Stars... and Spring!
xoxo Suze

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Rella,

I just found your blog through the artful paper doll. I was wondering if you sell your crafts and if so, would you be interested in participating in a show in Mesa on April 17th? Check out my blog: for further information with the button on the right side. Yeah, you're local!!!!!!