MiD wEeK nOtEs

'Hump-Day' it is called when you are part of the

9-5ish world, or in my case

the 8:30 to whateverish world.

But today I am home with a touch of something

and feeling wonky, but not the 'Willy Wonka' kind of

happy chocolate state of being.


Kind of like a sledge hammer hit me
and in doing so inserted an odd cough.

So while I sip my home made tonic of

Ginger Ale, EmerGen-C, CranRaspberry

I am thinking about two things I miss (slightly)

at the DOD

one: Spike the amazing wonder fish

AKA: Crowntailed Beta Fighting Fish

two: my super, duper, Cadillac of staplers

my shiny red Swingline that I purchsed

during one of my routine supply orders for the office.

Becoming tired of the stapler coming up missing

I decided that it would be hard to abscond with a

RED stapler as it would be easy to spot
if it suddenly appeared on some other desk


I even added the little silver bow at Christmas

a little festive embellishment that I kept

now well beyond Christmas.

I smile every time I use that baby.

It's a work hound.

Oh, and I have a new obsession

(yup, that's what I need, another obsession)


Doesn't that make you slightly shake your head

and make a weird grimace face that displays

the thought:

"huh?? where did THAT come from?"


or, rather, I DON'T KNOW!

I am totally intrigued by these creatures

The males = stunning and rather

over the top flamboyant

and the crazy, crazy noise they make!

Me...the one who cannot stand the sound of Mourning Doves

Well, like some males, they are pretty to look at but

you pray they don't open their mouth and ruin it.

Yes, I said that.

Blame it on the 'tonic' I'm drinking.

Stay well

xox Rella


suze said...

Sorry you are under the weather...but you made me laugh.
My Grandson had a beta named Spike or it was mine and he named it...I can't remember. Mine was a centerpiece at my nieces wedding...and we had him for years.
A friend of mine has a problem with peacocks in her yard...a lot of them. I think it's funny.
And...yes I would love to have some Moonflower seeds if you have spares. Do you need any morning glories?
Take care my friend and drink lots of that magic tonic!
xo Suze

Debby said...

Hope you are feeling better, but you haven't lost your sense of humor. What a fun post and love, love the peacock.

Kim said...

Hi Rella, thanks so much for the compliment on my Petit Doll! I just signed up for the Goddess & Poet class and have watched the videos but haven't really started yet. Look forward to seeing what you draw for the class!

Hope you feel better soon...