tHoUgHtS oN A fRiDaY

There was an empty bottle

a few pages of rub on words

bits of torn silk

and a flowering orange tree


Sometimes you only have a few minutes to create

sometimes you don't feel inspired to create something that will take all day

or all weekend

but you want to let your muse out for a little bit

or perhaps just quiet her down a bit because she is screaming in your head

with so many projects, so many ideas that you can't think straight.

This is a great little project that fills that gap.

In about 10 minutes you can take a simple little bottle

rub on some words to live by or encourage your spirit...

or someone else who needs a lift.

cut a flower
(or flowering tree)

wrap a piece of ribbon or torn silk

and VIOLA!!!

See, it doesn't always have to be a full-blown
create a masterpiece
kind of day

xox Rella


Sharon said...

This is so sweet. And inspires me. My redbud it blooming and I need to give a little bottle like this to my Ashley who 1. collects bottles and 2. is a little under the weather.
So thanks!

becky said...

That is adorable,I will be thinking about that for saturday maybe.So true you dont have to make a big bang of a creation,lol.Just something sweet and little sometimes.

Happy weekend, thanks for sharing that!~~Becky

debi said...

Oh Rella, I LOVE that! What a sweet little project! Hmmmm, now I want to pull down a bottle. lol

Debby said...

Ah!!! This is really pretty and you are so creative. Great post.

Betzie said...

A simply sweet creation and kind of you to share! Hope you are feeling better!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

R ~
Thanks for the little bit of sweet inspiration! And I love the little pink silk ribbon. ~ k

suze said...

Love it! Love the simple things in life.

Woodland Wanderings said...

So simply and lovely! It actually is a masterpiece for all that it evokes. Happy Spring!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Rella,

What a lovely little bit of whimsy, and so pretty in it's simplicity.


Jacqueline said...

Hi Rella,
Life rolls out it's red carpet and invites you to simply be simple. No great masterpiece needed for the hour, just some pure pleasure. I love your wee creation and it's such a delightful reminder to keep it simple.

La Dolce Vita said...

you are just so brilliant!! Hi love!! i am so glad to be home!!
i meant to give you credit for the lovely key hole on the cover of my journal...which got me in big trouble at the airport, but that is another story, I will blog about it and link you!
hope you are well and things are going good... oh is your face all healed? muah!!!

Ira said...

Dear Rella,
how wonderful to share your thoughts, very lovely project!
I left you a little something on my blog, care to have a peek?
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Ira

JudyK said...

Verrry nice Rella! And I love your banner!

Simpl huh?...I'll try, but that's hard for me. : )

Catherine said...

What a delightful creation. Just makes me smile.

Happy Easter

Raisa said...

My aunt's birthday is coming up and I was wondering what I could get her. This is a great idea... thanks!