Along with the slippers in the Paper Whimsy exchange
we are to create little ornaments or gifts to tuck inside

Knowing my propensity to drag things out
I originally set aside my idea of making Button Faeries

Time, time, time

always chasing for more time to play

I thought I would do up something a little less involved.

But I could NOT stand that thought

It kept eating at me and I found myself looking over my button stash.

Resolve.........I am what I am

Putting aside the slippers, I began setting out buttons

cutting out Paper Whimsy faces

finding good quality glass marbles

always a challenge.

and here they are.

I would not have been happy to do anything different

They are due to be mailed by December 4 and I know that seems

like a lot of time to most of you.

But I dilly, I dally, I swirl and twirl as I admitted on the PW forum

I cannot stay on task and thus I need every bit of time given.

Have a joy and love filled weekend my friends.

xox Rella


Woodland Wanderings said...

Love these! I'll have to make a few for the tree and to tie on gifts this year, great idea for using the vintage buttons!

dogfaeriex5 said...

so beautiful, i am in love with the colors..wishing you and yours my faerie friend a happy and beautiful thanksgiving! xox

Karen said...

So cute Rella, & the slippers are gorgeous!!