(Rather Marie Anoinette inspired, yes?)

This has been a lovely project
and making each one a bit different kept it fun

A little closer peek

It was really fun to sew most of the project
even the little bells are sewn on rather than glued

All in all this was a great project and I may even
do one or two more.

That is always a good sign.

Later I will tell a tale of late night critter antics
and another battle in an ongoing war

xox Rella


Laura Haviland said...

You have create such lovely art work, Rella. These are so perfect, fairy "pretty". Adorable !
I love your blog and get such a feeling from you. Thank you for sharing, I have been away. I am sick and trying to recover.
I will keep coming back for more, really love your blog.
Hugs, Laura.
Your blog looks lovely too.
The music is so relaxing.

Joanne Huffman said...

these are delightful slippers - perfect for magical wear.