I certainly made no bones about my favorite designer
on Project Runway this year.

Little Miss Faerie Girl herself,

Carol Hannah

just won me over from the very first show.

It could be the her love of 'faerie-like' designs

or her adorable personality that makes you just want to hug her

Her bio on her Etsy profile sums it up:

southern belle transplanted to the big apple. self-proclaimed gypsy. lover of people. lover of fashion. in that order.

Then she lists her favorite materials:

  • Silk Chiffon
  • Charmeuse jersey
  • metallics
  • textures
  • sparkle
  • sunshine
  • candy
  • sugar and spice
  • magic

Any designer that has this list has MY interest!!

I know for sure she is an artistic and kind soul

and I am totally excited to share THIS.....

I have had the pleasure of recent communication with the talented Ms. CH

and she graciously agreed to a mini interview!!
(OMG, just pinch me!)

A few simple questions

a glimpse, if you will, into the heart of Ms. Carol Hannah

1. R:When did you first know you would be in fashion design....or did it just happen as you followed your passion?

CH: "It was more of a natural progression that I fought along the way. I started sewing very young and always did fashion as a hobby, but the nerd in me thought that it was too fluffy for me to pursue as a career. I later realized that was a rather dumb thing to think, that I had something special, and that I wasn't meant to do anything else".

2. R: In moving to New York, what do you miss the most about home?

CH: "Oh so many things! I do love New York, but for completely different reasons than why I love South Carolina. I miss the food, the sunshine and beautiful weather, the southern drawls, and the genteel charm. I especially miss my bicycle, which I used to ride everywhere in Charleston. Most importantly, I miss the people".

3. R: Aside from your sewing machine, what tool or item in your sewing room could you NOT possibly live without?

CH: "I would say my ham. For anyone who doesn't know, a ham is a tailoring tool used for pressing (especially for pressing curved seams) that looks like....a ham! Proper pressing is a crucial element in good construction, and you cannot get those results without a ham!".

4. R: What other hobbies spark your creative edge?

CH: "Drawing...Though my degree is in business, I minored in studio art in college. I love to draw in charcoal or ink. I also really enjoy interior design. My staple gun and I have recovered many a chair".

5. R: Who would you most like to design one of your beautiful dresses for?

CH: "I'm sure it would be fun to design for celebrities and such, but I honestly love just working with the women that I already do. Nothing makes me more satisfied than seeing how my clothes make a client feel beautiful and happy. That's probably why I like bridal so much".

What a sweetheart this young designer is

and her dresses are feminine without being overly fussy.

I especially like her recent additions to the
Wedding Collection

they are just gorgeous and yet I can imagine
they are incredibly comfortable at the same time

In her other Etsy shop - Carol Hannah -

I thought this dress,

that could be done up in just about any color or length

truly captured the feminine,


and oh-so-flattering essence of her designs.

Take a few moments and visit Carol Hannah

her blog is lovely

and it gives you yet another look at the spirit of this darling little fae.

Thank you, CH, for granting me this very special interview

I wish you the best of everything life has to offer

including faerie dust and magic.

xox Rella


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!! How way cool was that?? Good job with the mini interview!!! She is a darling little fairie!!!!
Audra Maedi

Ryan said...

This is awesome Mom!!! Congrats on getting the interview with your favorite Project Runway designer.. good stuff indeed! :)

theresa martin said...

She is darling and so are you Rella. Thanks for bringing us a sweet interview with a talented woman.

Joanne Huffman said...

I really liked her, too; and, I was sorry she didn't win.

Sharon said...

Oh my, I'm speechless. You are the real Faerieluna!
I'm going now to check out the links. Thanks,

Lost Aussie said...

How fab that you got to have an interview with CH. She was my favourite by far as well!!