Off we went on a mini adventure.

Movie and lunch.


A delightful movie that really never had a dull moment.

I'd say we absolutely chuckled on and off all the way through.

Truly a movie for young and old.

Afterward, off to lunch at Pita Jungle

to enjoy really good hummus

something my vegetarian little bird and I really love.

I had a portabella mushroom sandwich with grilled red pepper
It was good.

Not the best I've ever had, but certainly good

Little Bird had something called 1,000 beans

I don't think there were 1,000, but I was not about to count them.

I suspected it had 1,000 pieces of onion...

as the ride home with the leftovers

made for a very pungent drive.

The sky toward home (East) looked very dark and threatening
Unusual for November

and lo and behold, as little bird ran in to make an exchange

this amazing sight was on the windshield


Goodness how we need rain.

This was not enough to do much good
but it refreshed and really cooled the air

and made driving with the windows down

ALMOST onion free. :)

I'll leave you with a great shot LB took

of the fountain outside our cafe
a day or two ago.

The sun passing through the spray creating a gorgeous rainbow.

We never seem to tire of this fountain.

That's it for tonight.

Off to the Drama at The Desk tomorrow.

How divine it has been to have four days at home.

xox Rella


catworx said...

That all looks so delicious....YUM!!!! And the shot of the mountains & the rainbowy fountain are marvelous!!!

suze said...

What a yummy day!!