One of my darling little birds is here!!!

For several weeks. To visit with me
and work at the cafe for Mr. J. and & I
which will help her replenish the travel fund.

My little gypsy girl. :)

We will do some fun things on one of her days off
that will coincide with one of my days off
(it helps to be part boss to accomplish this)
and even create some art together.

I am, however, in the middle of a little project
with the Paper Whimsy gals.

We are creating paper and fru-fru slippers
that will hang in multiples in a banner......

and in the vamp of the slipper we will place ornaments.

We each make five and ship out four to exchange.

I am in the Wonderland Group

and our color theme is light blue, silver, and white.

I doubt I can do all exactly the same
as that would bore me to near tears.

So here is a peek at the - not quite finished with the glam and doo-dads yet -

slipper number one.

Tulle, glitter, lace, pearls,
silk flower, ribbon, gimp......for a start.

I think it will have a little bell or something on the very tip and some more ribbon before I am done

I will show the others once they are all glammed up.

That's it for now............

xox Rella


catworx said...

Oh, so sparkly &'s a confection of spirit, I love it so!!!

Karen said...

Rella, Your slipper is absolutely dreamy and beautiful ~ LOVE it!!

theresa martin said...

tis lovely indeed! I knew your swirly twirly place was good! (and I love saying swirly twirly, it makes me smile!)

peggy gatto said...


LW said...

What pretty little slippers...


Terri said...

Gorgeous! I love the sparkly sole and the soft feathers, can't wait to see it finished!

christine said...

How delightful!!

Betzie said...

Dainty and sweet Rella!

suze said...

My little bird is flying home for the holiday...can't wait!
Have a great artful time with yours. xo