Something small but I just wanted to ask:

Do you become as delighted as I seem to..

when you read of a new book in the works

(yes, ANOTHER artist book of sorts)

that lists contributing artist

with names that you haven't seen a bzillion times????

I KNOW you know what I mean.

xox Rella


suze said...

Not a reader but I am loving the look of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: I love Pam Carriker's work!!! She has something in an issue of Stamper's Sampler a while back and when I saw it, I KNEW she was going places. I didn't know she has a book in the works and I think that's GREAT!!! New blood. How refreshing.
I, too, am so loving the new edgy look of your blog. Fabooooooo!!!
Audra Mae

Rella said...

Thanks Audra Mae and Suze...I do love the look of the feels more familiar to me and I just love the dark Marie. I realized that if you have a small monitor you don't see the girls on the side only the middle!! I used my 13 mac laptop just yesterday and was so disappointed to see that. :(

thanks for your visits and notes to me.
xox Rella

catworx said...

I'm loving the looks of this new book!!! Thank you for sharing this, Rella!!!
What you're saying is so true!