I was thinking of THIS FRIEND today

the sweetest of faerie friends that I finally met last year at Art Unraveled

and I remembered she had given me this special sweetness a while ago

Typically I feel awkward about these things and tend to shy away,

but something brought her to mind today

and following that small voice I visited her blog

which is always so dear and I was reminded of her sincere kindness

and I am hoping to see her again

as it is a shame not to gather with like minded souls

that live in the same area.

We need to make a point of doing this

and I, for one, have to force myself out of the 'work-home-work-home' rut.

Especially considering the
toxic energy that is at the work place.

I wonder if I have sequestered myself way too much.

I go within and prefer the silence of home.

I realize it is BECAUSE of the Monday - Friday
battle, but I am feeling I need to add something
to my routine
something that will help with the battle.

I am open to suggestions and tips on surviving within a toxic environment.

Today I spent the entire day cleaning

and listening to Dr. Judith Orloff

on CD to help with emotional vampires.

I believe I have gathered some very useful tools that will help this week

as I head back in.

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