As I dumped several bags of candy into the basket

Mr. J. looks at me and says "Jeeezzz,
how many kids do you think are going to come?"

I laugh and say..."ummmm A LOT!!"

Mr. J. begins to tell me why he thinks we won't have that many

and I HAVE to make it a bet.

I say "I will bet you $5 (big spender) that it will be over 100

Mr. J says "your on!'

easy money.

One of 7 bags of candy that we went through had 105 pieces in it.
This was posted on the front of the bag!!

I believe I won the bet around 7 p.m.

We had several of these:

Plenty of these:

Some were carried:

This one ran right up to the camera:
There was only one of these: and he told me the best thing about his costume was that he
didn't have to smile

These guys were pretty scary:

Hippie Chicks: (flashback for me)
only two of these:
lots of these and my favorite, of course:

But the one that made me smile the most had these little darling shoes:
and left me wishing I could find them in 7 1/2 or 8.

We had fun with our little setup outside,
saving Pia the stress of her least favorite night of the year.

The night was stunning.......beautiful moon, stars, good company....

............and I am $5 richer.


Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Obviously, Halloween is taken much more seriously in Arizona than it is here!!!!!!!! Loved the little Dorothy and her red shoes, as did I love the grown up in the gold gown with her chihuahua!!!! Such fun. Glad to have seen your photos.

CathWren said...

The hippie chicks are my favorite with the tie die shirts, John Lennon specs, and peace signs. I used to were those things to school, maybe that's why I get such a kick out of them. What a great idea to chronicle your guests to share on the blog. Looks like you had a ton of fun!