We say goodbye to October and hello to many, many

ghostlings and goblins tonight

and the weather has turned back to a delightful 80.

Taken a few moments ago, THIS
is what Halloween looks like here at Faerieluna.

Clear blue skies and vibrant bougainvillea

Mr. J and I will greet over 100 or so creatures in costumes

and Pia (who does not like this type of intrusion)

will be behind closed doors
She is ONE scary black cat that is for sure.

Our neighborhood is one
where we are certain
cars from other parts of the Valley
drive to and drop the kidlets for treats

Let's just say that if ONLY the children
from our neighborhood dropped in

we would scarcely need one handful of candy


and with it being a Saturday, AND a balmy day.....

I may have to make a quick candy run.

Have a fun evening friends and foes

turn your clocks back
(those of you that do...unlike this crazy place)

and welcome November with open arms.

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theresa martin said...

Happy Halloween - enjoy the goblins. Thanks for stopping by to say hi.