as in TGIF

More like TGIMITF

which translates to Thank God I Made It To Friday

But as I walk out the door and take in the beauty
This moment is all there is.
~ Rumi

and breath deeply, probably for the first time since entering the building

I am so incredibly moved as I think "This one,

extraordinarily, beautiful moment

is 1000 times more powerful and healing
than anything that went on in this building

were supposedly they are working toward a cure.

and I drive home, toward the place where I find peace

and re-energize somewhat

looking back in the side-view mirror to what is behind me

then turn in just before taking the road into my little neck of the world
to look out over the valley to the South of me

getting out of my car to take it all in

letting the very gentle breeze wash over me

and take away all the toxic energy of the day/the week

(if you click on the photos and have a large screen...
it will almost be like 'being there')

And I feel so incredibly grateful

to have this view.. see these beautiful vistas each and every day

they are soothing

and healing

even if only for a few minutes.

And I remember a question someone who had just moved here asked me

"At what point did this become 'old hat' or taken for granted...all this beauty?"

I smile now as I did then when I answered

"It NEVER has, I am taken by the beauty
each and every day, even when it's 112, it's still beautiful..
....beautiful eye-candy"

I wish each and everyone of you

a blissful, peaceful, beauty-filled weekend.

xox Rella

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