There will not be a bzillion posts about The Fish

But I HAD to share this because it was too funny.

Since Pia kept eyeballing Spike, I decided to bring him to work

I'm not sure he loves this. Seriously, how can you tell with a fish?

One thing IS for certain, however, he has proven to be two things so far.

#1. A finicky eater.

here he has just spit out his food and seems to be pouting.

This is his food....teeny, tiny.

I drop a few in..he grabs it in his mouth...

seems to take the outside shell off

and spits the inside out!!

What is THAT all about?!!

Any Betta owners out there experience that??

A fellow worker-

bee down the hall......a sweetheart of a gal, has two Bettas

and she says "well, smash the pellets and try it that way.

It might be too big."

Too big?

These are not bigger than poppy seeds!!!

But I do it anyhow and he is not terribly impressed.

#2. He is a true warrior fish as male bettas are.

When I held a mirror up to his bowl

he puffed out around his head which I had never seen before

He looked like he had a collar on...

.and his crown tail was in total "It's ON" mode

while he practically head butted the glass
I was a tad worried he might knock himself out.

Then when I took the mirror away

he went into a spaz dance and darted his head
around looking for the 'enemy'

I have to say, I was entertained in a big way.

This is one fiesty, finicky, fighting fish!!!
Who knew?!


Sharon said...

Yes Who Knew?
You just crack me up.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

I am entertained hearing/seeing all about the adventures of "Spike"
Our son used to have a mouse named Spike LOL!
He's very handsome in a fierce fighting fish kinda way ;)

Faerielore said...

HAHAHAHAHA he sounds brilliant, have no idea about any of the funny behavour but really made me smile

La Dolce Vita said...

ok one more time!!!LOL! Did you contact the store to ask them if they knew why he was not eating? But call them DO NOT go in to the store! LOL!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

LOL! I enjoyed reading about your new fishy!!!