I feel almost as excited today as I did gulp 35 years ago

sometimes over the top

loves deeply

can quote more movie lines than anyone I know

passionate about music

a wonderful, loving son

and ten days away from marrying the love of his life
on a beautiful beach at Cape Cod

and I will be there.

Birthdays are just super special

At least that is how I feel about it

It is the ONE day that is truly unique and our own

It does not have to be a day filled with presents

a simple, yet joyous celebration of the day,

..the moment

we entered this life.

THAT is so amazing and exceptional.

sooooo, back to when my three were little..

I remember making cakes and serving them
at breakfast
(yes, sugar at breakfast on this day)

because it seemed so fun to start the celebrating
the moment they opened their eyes.

I was pretty serious about healthy meals when they were small
you know, those years when Mom was in control

But not on birthdays!

I THINK (hope) they enjoyed it

and perhaps the memory will linger for them

as the years go by and they recall their childhood.

Happy, happy birthday my first born

THIS is what I would serve you for breakfast

if I were there in person

but know I am there in spirit

and will see you soon.


suze said...

OMG that cupcake! It's my fav cake too...I can almost taste it.
What a great post. Happy Birthday to your son and congrats and all things good!
I agree on what a birthday celebration is all about. I also share my birthday with my great nephew and his Dad.

Birthday boy said...

Thanks for the birthday love on your wonderful blog! You're the bestest :) xo

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

congratulations and felicitations! I would faint if my 21 yr old son commented on my blog .... so sweet!
Enjoy * Enjoy !!!