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The errand was to be a simple one.

Stop at Pet Co on the way home to look for filters for PIA's water fountain.
silly me did not order them when purchasing the fountain.
What was I thinking?

Walking through the doors of the store I notice first the tank of white mice...
all looking quite frantic and my heart felt a bit of a twang.

I wanted them to have homes and not be THERE!

but I walked on.

Partly because of resident feline

partly because my brain reminded me of rascally pack rats
that we constantly fight in Glenville.

Heading over to Kitty isle, I became fascinated (again side tracked) with the many carpeted structures
that you could acquire (price ranging from $99 to $175) for feline members of your household.

I was in awe.

I was even allowing my thought process to size up each unit as to whether or not it would fit
in my CRV.



O.k.....pulling myself away I do find the object of my immediate need: filters.

Grab them up and start to head out to checkout.............

except I take a little stroll


Finding myself in the fish section...
(it could happen!)

and one hour later..........

home I arrive with Spike.

Again, I wanted to bring them ALL home.

ALL the Bettas that were housed
in 1/2 lb. sized plastic containers

looking dismally alone

and far away from the place they call home.



WoodlandWanderings said...

Enjoyed this post and can relate. It's dangerous for me to visit the local Pet Co (conveniently located next to Michael's). Last visit I contemplated the fish on the way in and ended up with 2 rabbits. You did well!

suze said...

I got a Beta fish at my nieces wedding. It was the centerpiece and I brought it from SC to MD. Had it for years and left it for the kids when DH and I moved out (the kids weren't moving out so we did)and they kept it until it passed.And I think it's name was also Spike. My grandson named it after some Sonic character.
You can't put two Beta's in the same bowl..they will fight until one dies.

Ryan said...

That is an awesome little guy you got there mom! Hope PIA stays away...if she knows what's good for her.

suze said...

Correction...his name was Knuckles.

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

This was a great post Rella! Please stop by over at Little Faerie Tales for a blog award from me to you!

Faerielore said...

hello Spike !!!! what a beauty im not allowed in pet shops either or rehoming animal shelters, went there once and came home with a cat !!!! also fairgrounds are quite danagers all those fish in the bags :( came home with 3 last time and had to rush to pet shop to buy a tanks hehehehe and also friends homes are sometime a bad place for me went to my friends a couple of months ago and came home with two very cute bunnies ... clearly i should not be allowed out of the house !!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

I totally agree. Have sworn them off completely. I now have to buy organic food for the royal couple at Whole Foods, for the same reason! Love Spike though! very fun!!! glad you got him and not me!!!!