Chapter One

A few bizarre days and an equal amount of interesting nights went by


the mysterious package arrived to Ms. zUzU.

The little sprites and faes that were usually underfoot
or snatching bits and baubles out from under me.....
were hardly seen!

It was all so perplexing!!

If I crept about to look for them,

one or the other would pop her little head out
with a strangely indignant look as if to say


You know...the way guilty little children do
when you give them

(with squinty eyes and slightly cocked know the one I mean)

that tells them YOU know they are up to something...

and they give you this little not innocent look
accompanied by the "what?" query that I was getting from the rascally faes.???


i will do my best to explain but I fear I am still trying to wrap my head around the comedy of errors.

whispered to me in bits and pieces....
by the red headed little pistol, Rayna

(tiny hands covering story- telling lips)

is this:

Arriving in THAT box on THAT day

were three blue eggs.

Eggs which were told be special raven eggs
from the same clan as zUzu

New ones that would be tutored by Ms. Z

taken under her wing, if you will,

to learn all there is to know about keeping and caring of sprites and faeries.

Then, once tutored and ready to be on their own,

One would be chosen to stay on at Faerieluna to help

the other two would each have a special assignment of their own.


things are not always as they seem.........

Within two days the faint sound of an unfamiliar language

came from within the pretty blue eggs..

then the cracking began.......

and one by one.......

out popped the most unexpected of all!!

Instead of the baby down of blue-black raven fledglings

the palest of yellow fluff!!!!



Each shaking themselves off and looking quite startled

to see not only Ms. zUzU hovering

but many little faces of a different sort of winged creature.

And Ms. Z is in such shock that she cannot even speak
(and that rarely happens around here)
But as lolli hopped up on her back
and gustov and polli tried to cuddle in close

I could see that zUzU was a bit frightened
that these rascally little chicks were

going to be more trouble than she counted on..............

I'm thinking that would be trouble
with a
capital T............

so for now I will have to sign off as one of the balls of fluff has disappeared

and I hear a bit of high-pitched shrieking

that only comes from the wee winged ones

I expect there is another chapter about to evolve

xox rEllA

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