It's 3:14 p.m. and the work day is almost over.


There has been very little drama these past few days
and I am extremely grateful

(several of the drama creators are traveling)

Looking over at this pretty morsel that I brought in
to bring me a smile or two

I see it does the trick.

The sweet coffee cup was a little Christmas surprise from a co-worker

the inserted faerie nosegay is from a faerie swap I did several years ago.

Sadly, the label telling me who created her fell off long ago
so I cannot give proper kudos here

I just love it, but she was lost in a nest full of faeries back home.

So, following an impulse a few days ago
I brought her in and placed her in this sweet cup.

She is perfectly suited, don't you think?

you will notice, also, that sharing the same cup
is a round magnifying glass.

Yes........this is something I need every day that I am here
and I will show you why.

Because the creator of 90% of the drama
faxes notes like these...

with circles and arrows

and writing up the side of the paper

that does not convey well over the fax......not to mention

the overall 'style' (?) of writing.

(this is actually a pretty GOOD example
and did not take much time at all)

So I use a magnifying glass.......

and sometimes will pdf the notes to myself

so that I can SUPER-SIZE them

to like 200%

and then that sometimes helps.........

or we (because I am not the only one who gets these)

ask each other "can YOU read this?"

Would it surprise you to know

that what would typically take me a few minutes
can often take an hour?

Would it surprise you to also know that I am getting very good at translating?



would it come as a surprise to anyone

that I often want to poke a pencil in my eye??


Sharon said...

You are so ha....hilarious. I might not can spell that.
You're funny.

Laura Haviland said...

You are a scream !! Love your flowers to cheer you up.
Enjoy your blog so much, what are you creating these days?
Thanks for being the wonderful you.
Hugs, Laura.