Lolli, Polli, & Gustov

I know you have been wondering for a while now

what the deal was with some new arrivals at the Nest.

Well, here is what I shall call the


At the start of the new year, Ms. zuZu began to weary of the antics of the ever increasing population here at the Nest. She is, after all, getting on in years.

Since Ms. Z keeps all the faes in line
(that is HER story, anyhow)

it was becoming increasingly clear that she was going to need some help.

For a short while, Olivia was her constant companion with a compassionate ear.

Faeriekeeper (that would be me) gave the 'go ahead'
to begin recruiting,
trusting (bad move) that Ms. Z. knew exactly where to go
and who to talk to in order to accomplish this task.

Silly me.

I did not give it much thought, but heard whisperings of
the possible arrival in the Spring of an 'apprentice'.

At least that is what I thought I heard.

Shortly before Easter, Ms. Z. received a package marked fragile
and quick as a wink

or a blink,

off she scurried with the box... me pause........

as she is always the first one to share
with me the glee of opening parcels.


and with that, the whispering began again.

This time all the faes flew off with her
and the whispering grew so large
it reminded me of wind in the trees back home
just before rain
(or trouble)

Someone else noticed the activity............
...but she kept her tongue.

next installment........soon.

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Connie said...

Love, love, love it... You, my dear, write the most delightful things in your blog... can't wait to read more. xo Connie