How excited we were here at the nest.

Knowing the moon, the last of the year...full and absolutely HUGE

would be peeking up over the mountians...

over the little lake to light up the sky

what beautiful photos we imagined we would have.

The plans were in place as to when exactly to leave work

the spot picked out for THE PERFECT ANGLE

camera packed in 'going to work bag'


despite the out of season gray cast to the sky

Driving towards the place I call 'Crazy'

I notice an unusual formation in the sky to the West.


I have seen the dark presence of rain in the distance

Something I did not grow up with back East,

but see here in the West all the time
since the sky is so big.

But THIS was most unusual!!

thankful I already had my camera


dismissing the fact that I was going to be

late for work


I parked and took my camera out to capture this oddity

(as IF I would let something stop me from taking a photo)

...snap, snap, snap.

And this is what I share here with you.

Go ahead and click on it to enlarge and see that strange sky formation

not a tornado

and such a straight-angle, as if a carpenter measured it out perfectly

A stairway perhaps?

While you are thinking on that I will go on with the story.

All day I kept turning around from my desk to look out at the sky..

still gray.......... 10 a.m.

still gray 2 p.m. worried a tad but convincing myself that the evening will bring clear sky

Still gray 4 p.m..............accepting and sad

the clear Arizona sky is letting us down. Rats!!!

I stay at the desk until 7 p.m. as the next two weeks will be brutal and I try to prepare.

Friday night and I am oddly peaceful despite the NO SHOW..despite the long work day

Just before heading to bed I notice a brightness on the patio as I shut the inside lights out

"Ohhhh........NOW you show up!!" I say out loud as I step out, enveloped in the chilly night air.

The best laid plans.........those are the words I think of as I enjoy a moment of moonshine.

Off to bed and a fitful night of bad dreams

which prompted me up and out of bed

as the last
shreds of night departed.

Espresso machine going......(mmmmmm)

....Mr. J. heading to the cafe when he stops on the sidewalk and turns back to me

and with a bit of a smirk, tells me to come out and take a look.

There..............again.........the moon.

Retrieving camera.........."Gottcha!"

Last Full Moon of 2008.

20,000 miles closer than usual.

And she won't be this close again for several years.

But that is not all that is going on in the night sky these days.

The Geminids Meteor Shower,

one of the best...

known to produce more than 50 multicolored meteors per hour

at thier peak!!


meteor showers coinciding with a full moon

not good...

make for difficult viewing........

but go take a look in the sky towards the east
(in the constellation, Gemini)

if you are up at midnight........
(until the 19th)

you MIGHT be able to make a wish or two.


Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: I think you should go into the Arizona postcard business!! You always take the coolest pics!
Audra Mae

Sharon said...

I ask dear one the other night as we were going down the road, "do you think the moon is so huge because it is closer to earth?" He didn't know. Then I came here and found out 20,000 miles. I believe it was only about 10 miles over my house.