I am thinking how tomorrow is the midway mark for the month
Which means Christmas will follow in 10 days.

Are you holding each moment close to you
like a hard, goodbye hug
with someone you love?

I am.

It's chilly today and there will certainly be a fire lit tonight.

(Isn't this the cutest little thermometer? It hangs outside my kitchen window.)

It is amazing that the fruit trees are so loaded this year

and soon we will be picking these luscious lemons

along with oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines.

All gifts of warmer climate

and Guido,

the former owner, who planted these trees many years ago.

I have thanked him, quietly, many, many times

and I wonder if he thinks about

these trees now that he and his wife moved to a smaller condo.

Next to the beautiful lemon tree

stands this deadly guardian

I have been injured many times by this solider in my yard
and today is no different

Literally and figuratively



Sharon said...

Yes, I'm holding onto every moment. Can't believe it is passing so fast...this year. Now about your lemons, I just today ran across the lemon tart recipe from Darla. I have lots of eggs, sure wish I had me some lemons. I'd swap with you but afraid they wouldn't make it and I'd have to declare to the USPS folks, "yes, something is breakable". I have a layover (just 2 hours I think) in Pheonix on the 26th. Guess where I'm going? Haven't told anyone yet. It is exciting!!
And thank you so much for keeping me informed about the moon. Love that.

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~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Fresh citrus fruits sound positively dreamy, it's something we can only see...... say at the Botanic Gardens here in Wash DC :)
We DID get to pick some juicy oranges near the Russian River this summer.......a first and absolute thrill for me....each moment is a treasure! oxoxo

aN aLteReD fAirY taLe said...

Time is just spinning right by me these days! It is a wonderfully chilly night and I LOVE the rain!! Although, my body wants to stay cozy in bed but my mind wants to create! Please stop by Little Faerie Tales when you get a moment to enter my blog giveaway. Much love to you my friend for a beautiful holiday.

CathWren said...

Okay, just four more days! Yes, holding my beloveds close. Hope you are well and enjoying this festive season, and perhaps enjoying a visit from your son.

Guido sounds Italian? Yes, the lemon tree is much revered and some homes in Italy have a special area where they reside, particularly during the cold months. Something like lemonaia (sp).


Maija said...

I'll be thinking of you with affection this holiday season. This time of year is so hard!