I now am the proud owner of a most stunning piece of work
and the artist is none other than SHARON of All Norah's Art.

This is Sisters
(these are Sharon's photos as my camera is on the fritz and I so wanted to share before too much time went by)

Beautiful, so very beautiful in person.

Each face draws you in
to tell a story.

I am so in love with this painting
that I cannot decide where in the nest to hang it.
It's been in the kitchen

It's been just outside the door of my nest

It's been IN the nest

I have a few other of Sharon's pieces, but this one
is very special.............................
and if that wasn't enough

This is the box it came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine the folks throughout the Postal system

stopping to look at this beauty??

It suffered some bumps and cuts

but I can fix them..........and hang it as art in and of itself.

Sharon......Norah............Thank you.

Make sure you check out some pieces that Sharon has on ETSY
and treat yourself.


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your new piece of artwork is hauntingly beautiful RElla = WOWEE! the other painting was ON the box = double WOWEE! oxo

Maija said...

What a wonderful representation of three women, 3 sisters.

Just stunning!!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I have seen that specific art piece in person and it is WOnDerFuL! She is super talented. I wondered where that fabulous box was headed after seeing it on her blog. It is so true. The box is art worth hanging. I am amazed at her mixture of mixed media on these paintings. Congratulations on your new friends

Shonna said...

I love that piece! Sharon is one talented lady!! And the box...WOW!!

barbara burkard said...

oh i have found your blog and am adding it to my COLLECTION on my blog!!! this art is STUNNING!!!!

thanks for sharing and now that i have the link i shall be back soon!!! But i shall also be checking out all i missed!!!

fairie hugz!

Sharon said...

my freind are so sweet.xoxoxox

suze said...

How COOL is that!? Two works of art for the price of one!

Jan said...

I have just really sat down and seriously looked at blogs I have wanted to get to know better...yous being right up at the top. Wow, I think we're related! So much that touches my heart/music/books/art.
And the 3 Sisters is beautiful. It surely deserves to be inside the "nest".
"the other ella" - Jan-ella