Well, that's a mouthful don't you think?

On the Paper Whimsy Group, we had an exchange.......
a SECRET exchange.

We had the name of a fellow Whimsy
and created a special and magical box to mail.

Today, my special box arrived....
just after the magical noon time chimes went off.

The keeper of the entry here at Faerieluna

was watching over the box that had been delivered.It stated that it was from Lynn Fox

In came the box with much excitement

My 'helper' was at hand to inspect

and sniff........

what you don't see
(because I had to put the camera down)

was that she took a bite out of the box!

o.k........where were we..........

This lovely wrapped bundle was inside

And inside was this most beauteous hand decorated box

sigh.......such sweetness

as I opened the top....
Ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo.............

look who's baaacccckkkkkkk!

This soft and sweet hand made pouch,

decorated with flowers and pearls held the finest
of sheer faerie organza

which in turn held oodles of baubles, images and bits......HAVE YOU EVER??!!

this teeny, tiny package about one inch in diameter.....................held this little
I mean little
Cinderella's coach bauble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm telling you, this is so precious

and so tiny

that I am sure the smallest faerie of the kingdom

had it in her possession at one time.
there was fancy glitter.....
and a mini bottle of green Swarovsky crystals
little tin
with leaves embroidered with the finest gold thread

The cutest star girl proclaiming the magic inside
A special notebook created for a very special purpose
To record my faerie sightings!!!!

I know I will fill this up.

Vintage greeting cards

And, yes, there was a BOTTM to all this bounty

Lace appliqués
a spool of twine
and pretty buttons.

Thank You, so very much!!!!

My Not Secret Any Longer

Lynn Fox......


christine said...

WOW! Did she ever fill up that box to the bursting point!!! Nice :) Lots of faerie goodness in there!!

theresa martin said...

oh, how nice! Lynn sure made a lovely package, and I enjoyed 'being' there while you opened it up.

Lynifyni said...

Thanks so much, Rella, for displaying the box...and all your lovely comments. I'm thrilled that you are! Hugs and Fairy Dust! Lynn

SarahD said...

WowRella what wonderful goodies from Lynn.

LW said...

This SS box is wonderful….
So many enchanting items…


Sharon said...

Oh my what fun. And we got to do it with you....and her.

Flor Larios Art said...

First time on your blog and I love it! Will come back soon. Please visit mine I am having A Frida Kahlo giveaway!

Jan said...

WOW....what a great gift! The photos are wonderful (love the cat) showing all your treasures.
Love this swap!!!!



catworx said...

Thank you Rella for sharing this unveiling with us, I enjoyed every photo and was so happy that you were so beautifully gifted by Lynn!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Now that was a lovely post and so much fun to see what Lynn tucked away for many precious treasures! :) oxo

Dawn said...

What a journey to see who sent you this most awesome box of goodies, what a lovely package... wonderful x

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

what a wonderful box of beauty..
hope your Thanksgiving is full of love.
xoxo nita <3