My dear friend Lynnie (also a Scorpio) sent me a birthday box

My official day is tomorrow......but I began celebrating last week.

A tradition that Lynnie and I started
was that we would set aside time

for a phone call to open the prezzies
since we can't be there in person...

there are 2500 miles between us and time zones to consider.

Morning for me and afternoon for her.........

...I opened my luscious Birthday Box.

And this is the theme:



From the stunning Birdcage Lady tag
(do click on the picture to enlarge)

to the
very special Faerie House

that I soooooo adore....

and even some very special
chocolate to feel indulgent.

A close up of this amazing Faerie House.

Notice the faerie perched on the tip of this house

That image is on a piece of wood that she had to use
a teeny tiny saw to cut out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't even imagine the time that took

The color of this house is so perfect
the shadowing here and there is perfect

The birds are......

A side viewThe other side......look at the darling flowers.

The back..........

Each little touch means something special

the 'C' on her cap......
Since my given name is Cynthia/Cindy

and she often calls me CindyRella
which is even MORE special than just Rella

Look how she sits on that darling birdie.

The very first thing I ever sent Lynnie back about 8 years ago
was a note card
a stamped image of a little faerie girl
with a hat flying away on a bird

and we have shared a love of birds, nest, and faeries ever since.

Look closely at this gorgeous work!

Delicate, lacey, glittery.
If you click on the picture the glitter looks like tiny hearts!!

The texture and lovliness of this piece is over the top
and I love, love, love it.

Lynnie......your work is totally amazing to me
and I am always in awe of it.

This will always be
a very treasured piece for me.

Friendship and Love


And I'm not done...........

three more items arrived at my door yesterday.

Two boxes from my little birds far away..........
that I will open tomorrow when I speak with them.


Out of the blue


sent me this unexpected bunch of wonderfulness.

First, I had loved her morning glories so much that I saw on her blog

and missed them terribly as an East coast gal myself.

I told her so.......and she said she would send some seeds!!

And she did.

And I believe I will be able to grow them right now
Our winter is a perfect time for flowers.

I am crossing my fingers and believing.

Look at the darling little envie they are in.

Then, the Becky Kelly book totally blew me away.

Suze.......your generous and kind heart
sending me this fabulous bunch of goodies
for no reason at all
(since you had no idea my birthday was here)

I adore this little book.

Then, the stamped images of ART.........
a stamp that I always loved but never picked up.

How kind of you to send them.

I am already using the tag as a bookmark in one of my current reads.

The teeny tag with the Catherine Moore stamp is too darling........

and let's not forget those
Postal Stamps that are your work!!!

Thank you, thank you.......

So there you have it.

I took 8 days, not including weekends.........away from the Desk I Call Crazy
It has been a tonic to be here in the nest for so many days.

I go back on Wednesday which will make for a short week..........then the following week we
have Thursday and Friday for the holiday.

November is a good month all around.

I am very blessed with family and friends.

Friendship and Love.


Patti said...

I want to thank you for your concern regarding Gail and the loss of her niece. I see you have lost a little sister to the same cruel crime. I am so sorry. Your tribute to her is wonderful and if you don't mind I want to add you link to my blog. I love your work and reading your blog.

I sent you an email with links to Gail's blog, email and the online news covering this case.

Thanks again for your concern and God Bless you.

suze said...

Happy Birthday Rella!I must have had an inkling. Glad you got your seeds (nick and soak them before planting)and happy to hear that you liked the little book. I just thought it was sweet and got myself one too!
xo suze

Ryan said...


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Happy Happy Birthday Month to YouWhoooo CindyRella :)
Brightest of Blessings Always!
Thank you for sharing the boxes of delights that arrived at your door!

Laura Haviland said...

Happy birthday Rella,
I have that stamp set and love it.
I loved seeing your gift.
Have an awesome day !!
Love your blog.
What stamp face is on the tag, great?
Happy B-DAY TO YOU, Hugs, Laura.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Laura, the stamped face from Suze I believe is a Stampers Anonymous stamp...I am not sure if he is really called Art or that is what we call him.....hmmmmm. I will investigate this.

Thank you everyone for your well was a beautiful birthday from start to finish.

xo Rella

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

O.K. I'm back......the stamp is from Stampers's the 'Sylvia' stamp #M2-1179 in the Joe Carrion's Faces line. But it does look like an 'Art'. LOL

xo Rella

Maija said...

Happy Birthday sweet Rella!! How did you first meet Lyn? I just love her!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Maija ~ thanks so much for your wishes!! I first 'met' Lyn in a mail art swap several years ago in online art swap and then we both were in yahoo art group...and chatted, and swapped, and e-mailed.......then she flew out here to visit visit with me in 2003.......the rest is BFFL History.

xo Rella