I finally finished this little faerie and her precocious kitten.

8X10 wrap around canvas

First I adhered several pieces of art paper to the canvas
to add dimension and interest.

Followed by several layers of Golden's liquid acrylics
(applied with my brayer)
in turquoise, violet, pink, and gold

scraping a bit off here and there with my trusty art tool

discarded plastic hotel key card.

Back when Mr. J. traveled......
before the start of the cafe
and the handing over of life that appeared to be normal......
he traveled weekly.
Sometimes three different locations in one week
as the Western regional sales manager for a large corporation.

When he asked me if there was anything he could bring me........
I always replied


Four and a half years later I still have a stash.

back to the painting

The faerie
(wondering what to do with her ankle biting kitty)
and kitten are both done in watercolor and applied after acrylic is dry.
I gave her several coats of matte sealer and then added the text.

I love the richness of this piece which doesn't convey well with the camera.

One of my very favorite pieces to date
and she is winging her way to someone very, very special.


Sharon said...

I love what you did with your faerie. She is so beautiful and well...you know me. Color is always in the works. Your background is perfect and beautiful.

Maija said...

She is lovely!!!!

Betzie said...

Love her Rella...the colors are gorgeous and I love reading your posts.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Sharon, Maija, Betzie.......it's so fun to have you visit....thank you for the kind words on the latest project....I have a really different one to share probably on Sunday...stay tuned!!!
xo Rella

Carrie said...

wow - I love this Rella - its absolutely gorgeous and I love the background colours and how you achieved them. I tried recently to do the same but the effect just wasn't the same. you have inspired me to try again.

Betzie said...

I will definitely stay tuned and be sure to visit me for a second today as I have a little something for you. :)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Rella, she is an absoloute dream..
Thinking of you often. xoxo Nita

She Who Flies said...

A truly beautiful piece!

christine said...

Oh! This is AMAZING!! I just love her!!! :)