So I made her a cake
a mini Ace of Cakes

I could ship a few states away

one that would not spoil

and one that was so small

I had to reference the size with the little dime faerie
that another artist made to show the size of her faeries

See.......that is a dime in her arms

and this little cake I fashioned from polymer clay
has a teeny, tiny, bird that need jewelers goggles to sculpt and paint

I used a white Fimo clay
three graduated layers

then I rolled out skinny clay ropes to wrap around each layer
and work with my little tools to become 'frosting embellishment'

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use bright paints
then I glossed and protected it with clay glaze sealer.

The 'cake dish' is a teeny single serve jelly jar turned upside down.

Isn't it just a scream?!!!

Happy Birthday Little Bird


She Who Flies said...

Cute little cake!
Best birthday wishes to your little bird :-)

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

How absolutely adorable that is...that's a fine looking of Ace of such a teeny tiny size. I love it! I also love your fairy painting in the previous post!!
What a fab idea to use hotel room keys, clever girl!
Sending a summer hug!

Joanna "Rowan" Mullane said...

Hi Sweet Faery! I am happy to say, that I am actually back up on line and am happy to report that a card was actually mailed to you today!!! =) Hope you are well my friend and cant WAIT until next month! Joanna

dogfaeriex5 said...

how darn sweet is that cake, just precious!!

Tricia said...

that is the sweetest little cake!
also loving the painting below. :) i have enjoyed my visit here today!


suze said...

It's adorable! Duff and his crew would be proud.

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Hi Rella! Come visit my blog to pick up your award! hehehe