The trip to Michaels turned into a trip to JoAnn Fabrics
having a 40% off coupon that I was sure I could utilize

AND Fimo clay was 50% off.

Off I go and enjoy the date
with ME...

up and down many isles, but not all of them this time
and probably out in about an hour and a half.

I was heading out the doors as the sun was setting

temps still triple digits.

To the South an amazing cloud was looming
Science Fiction-like
and crazy me........
I thought a rogue storm was brewing in an otherwise
blue sky.

That can happen out here,
unlike back East when a storm is coming

the whole sky is dark and gloomy. can turn your head one way

and the sky is blue
and turn yourself about and see a dark storm and



So when I saw this..............................
( click on images to make scary bigger)
Holy Moly..........
I'm thinking I'm glad I am heading in the OTHER direction

the one with clear blue night sky
and stars beginning to glimmer

"Toto, are we in Kansas??"

And I begin to drive.....East

thinking about this looming storm

WHEN IT HITS ME!!!!!!!!!

This isn't a rogue storm
or a tornado!!!!!

when there WAS a bit of a storm
with lightening
which touched off the inferno that is still burning

Summers are dangerous

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Cindy Dean said...

Great pictures Rella. I understand about dangerous summers. Gotta watch for fire, floods and the heat!