I have not accomplished one piece of artwork
(yet....remaining optimistic)

I can also say that I have done only minimal housework
  • bathrooms and kitchen all sparkly and inviting
  • laundry accomplished

While going through my closet that holds more art supplies than clothing I unearthed a little paper mache box I did several years ago.

In doing so I thought about the artist whose work I collaged on to the box and it prompted me to
share some thoughts and info on him.

Hieronymus Bosch


An extraordinary Flemish painter whose work is vivid, symbolic,

and even terrifying

in a time when his peers stayed within the realm of

peacefulness and serenity.

His work, surreal....morbid,

is the type of art that you have to study so carefully

and even then you will always find something new in his pieces.

Like a bad accident that you don’t want to really look at,

and yet you can’t help yourself……I look at his work,

appalled and yet drawn to his imagination and technique.

I cannot look for long periods of time, or even that often,

but this was a man who could fit in today’s art scene quite easily.

I collaged this paper mache box back in 2001.

Top view

Front view

Front - hinged top open

inside painted black

One side view

Back view

I had just begun altering items that year

and creating pieces to swap on Yahoo Art Groups.

I thought I would give it away, but never seemed able

or willing to part with it.

Unusual for me.

It has moved with me four times since then

and today I take it out of my closet and study it once again.

I think this little box symbolizes a strange time in my life.

And like Bosch's work

I can only look back on that time

in short intervals. I don't stay there long.

It was a bad relationship that never should have been, really.

A poor choice on my part resulting in needless emotional pain.

(In conversation to myself I typically say: "What WERE you thinking?!")

Something I feel I did to myself while stumbling through an uneasy

and unfamiliar place in my life.

This odd box reminds me

of a curiously bizarre time

and the result is gratitude for all that I learned

about myself...

about friendships through that time...

about how strong I really am...

and the importance of listening to that small voice

and heeding 'red flags'

and that now brings me to a lovely luxury

I have
previously shared here with you my discovery

and love of Metromint water

This is their latest addition to the line


May I just say


If you crave the taste of chocolate

but don't really want to eat any

and feel quite thirsty

this little gem fits the bill.

$1.65 at a local gourmet store it's not cheap

It is flavored with chocolate mint essence

zero calories no sweetener of any type

just water with essence


My little winged kitchen friend is awe struck


Sharon said...

I bet we don't have any of that fancy water in my little town. But I will write it down so when I'm in the big city, I can look.
She is definitely awe struck!
The box is beautiful. Interesting how you relate it to your past....and the black inside.

suze said...

Did I read that right? Chocolate mint flavored water! Well, I never!
But would love to....