I'm making a mess......nothing new.
I so admire those of you who create in a tidy way
I aspire.......truly admire.......
but it looks as if a dust devil
just came through.

Looking at the little missy
and not wanting to just glue her to the paper background
the thinking begins.

I had stamped and painted on matte board
cutting her was fun ..challenging
some of the rough edges I sanded with an emery board

She has substance and needed to stand upright.

Get out the old bread knife (trusty back up saw)
slice off a piece that looks thick enough to host a channel-groove

make a cut through the middle about 1/2 to 2/3 down
using my x-acto knive I cut more of the groove out
then tested to see if it was enough to hold her
she fits beautifully and I will glue her in place later
see how easily she is standing there watching
(sarcastically commenting)
on my painting of the shadowbox?


Sharon said...

She is such a sweet dollie, I love the wardrobe you gave her. I can tell she loves it too.

Cindy Dean said...

She is very cute. I think I would have to tell her to be quiet though and say...hey sister...I made ya..I can take ya down. LOL