As the thought process when along
the idea crept in that it might be a capital idea
(slightly influenced by a British show that was on in the background)
to fashion the doll to stand completely alone if desired
outside of the shadowbox.

Taking another Stampotique stamp that cracks me up
#8946 in 'Carol's Collection'


and in black Stayzon ink
stamped on
a 2" X 3/4 inch block of wood
I just happened to have
but another size would
work just as well so long as it gave enough dimension
for the word and to hold Ms. Sharp Edged Tongue

Notice that the cork is now painted. I used my gold paint pen
To glue Ms. S.E.T. to the cork, and then cork to wooden block
I decided to use my Crystal Lacquer to test it's performance
as a glue.


That is a black paper rose adhered to the wood
and you will see why in a bit.

Be back later to wrap things up and share some things
I would do differently.

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Betzie said...

Hello Rella,
This is adorable! I will check out that stamp place as I love unique rubber stamps, although I have three boxes full as it is!!! Never too full for another one though..:)
thanks for sharing...