I am loving this stamp. She makes such a modern paperdoll.

If your local stamp shop
doesn't carry this line (ask them why, of course)
but you can get her


The rubber is gorgeous and cut so beautifully
and orders come pretty darn quick so shopping at Stampotique online is easy peasy.

And you know, now that I think of it, with gas prices

shopping online is becoming necessary!!!

$4.09 a gallon yesterday.

Saturday......yippeeeee........time to work on two projects.

  • The shadowbox doll
and the

  • Paper Whimsy Calendar June page.

First things first.

Shadowbox paper doll needed a funky, boho look

Adding snippets of glittered bright pink netting
and shreds of gold silk
I fashioned and glued an overskirt.

Then I took a snipped of gold silk and knotted it
and gave her a head wrap.

Isn't she fun?!!

I've been working on the shadowbox and will post some tutorial pics later on

It's really a few hints on arting up a bare shadow box without tooooo much angst.

Be back soon.

I will show you a great paperdoll stand

with one of those hundred or so wine corks

(WHAT??!! you don't save the corks in a drawer

and then

get asked

"why are you saving these???")


zorana said...

I'm saving my wine corks to cook octopus (they make it tender). Using them for an art doll sounds better... can't wait to see your shadow box.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

OCTOPUS??!!!! you have to put a cork in each one of those sucker things on all eight legs?!?? Well, if you need some corks.....I have a few to spare. LOL
xo Rella

maggiegracecreates said...

Not only do I save those corks - I save beer bottle caps, and plastic bottle caps, and , and, and. I am familiar with the "why do you keep that phrase." even worse - I have my freinds keeping that kind of stuff too.

Only a fellow creative soul understands.