Because Thursday is not quite Friday...
and we all love Friday
(those of us who are paid for what we do Monday through Friday)
And for everyone who is home and not paid...working just as hard

Here is a gift.

I loved the look of these and they are copyright free.

My last image gift was received so well I thought it might be fun to
make a weekly event of it.

Until I run out of images, that is.



misspvc said...

Love it and THANK YOU Rella!!! don't you adore these!!! so generous of you!
huge hugs
Patti V

Kim said...

Thank you , Rella. They're beautiful and I look forward to using them (and should I forget to credit you and you see them tell me straightaway lol. I'm horrible at remembering where I got stuff).

catworx said...

These are all so pretty, Rella, thank you for your generositiy!!!

Lori said...

well, your timing could not be more perfect! i just got my new printer installed:) these are lovely, thanks Rella!!!

carylsrealm said...

Thank you so much! You are the gift with your generosity!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rella for this gift and the prior castle gift - they are truly beautiful : ) I'm new to this wonderful "mixed-media" art so I'm not sure what or how to use them BUT I will stay-tuned and LEARN, ha : ) Love your blogg, thank you for sharing : )
Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

Kelley said...

Thank you for such a sweet gift-they are beautiful. I love your blog-I am new to all this,and OH MY those slipper are out of this world.
Enjoy your weekend.

Sharon said...

Your little gift if very nice but you girl friend never fail to make me laugh. It's just the way you say things like "because Thursday is not quite Friday". Good.

u po co (my word verification)

Dawn said...

Beautiful, THANK YOU Rella - I will be uploading images to my blog this week...