Here and there, on a tag hanging from my bedside lamp,

a tiny rock with the very same proclamation,

to small scraps of fabric I have stamped these words
using a RED LEAD stamp that I just love

create JOY

Some days my heeding this exhortation will push me
to make a little something for someone as a surprise.......

some days it will be a small time spent doing what I love to bring ME joy.

Today I claimed the words for myself

and added something to my Nest, my StUdIo wItH a bEd
that will without a doubt, bring me joy daily or rather nightly.

Above my bed I added some whimsy and faerie magic. With a branch that I gathered last year after a wind storm and saved for this very thing, some Luna Moth Lights, a teeny vine, a twig chair and a gathering of some favorite things, I fashioned a faerie headboard



zUzU said...

=^..^= OhOhOH
Luna Moth Faerie Lights!!

Little twig chairs!!
... and a tiny guardian fae to watch over you.

This is ::perfectly::sigh::incredible::

So Miss RellaFae.
Yep Yep Yep indeedie it 'tis!

Have you seen Nina's studio faerieland? Dreamy like yours! Go! Look! You will adore it!!

=^..^= xx love, zU

Diana said...

That looks so lovely and cozy. it's wonderful! I might use the twinkly lights for inspiration to fix up my own room. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I lovezzzzzzzzzz all things sparkley and glittery and twinkly. I wish that was my little's soooooo pretty. And I know the faeries just love it, too.
Audra Mae

Sherry/Cherie said...

Rella, that is very definitely creating joy!!! (I love the tag too!!).

Joanna "Rowan" Mullane said...

Wow, I cannot believe how sweet this is! We must definitely be on the same path! I am going to Art Unraveled to take some classes!! Will you be there too? Let me know what days as I would love to meet you!! Have a beautiful day! Joanna

Maija said...

It looks so magical! What a clever idea!!!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

wow Rella, you are inspiring me. Our bedroom needs such a make over. I love this and it's so romantic. May I copy????

xo joanna