I thought I would have to wait until the 19th
to share the slipper project
in it's finished state,
but it turns out we are sharing the photos in the Gallery of Projects
on Paper Whimsy before the swap out
Once I posted there, I thought it was time to share them here.

We each decided 'who' our slippers were for.
Since I was totally

engrossed in my Marie Antoinette Theater project


surrounded by pinks and blues and frou frou,

it was determined quite easily that the faerie I
would be fashioning slippers for would be
the Queen Faerie of Versailles.


who lived happily in the gardens of Marie Antoinette

stealing snippets of lace and lost royal gems
Sleeping on a bed of moss under the thick bed of ivy.

The slipper box was painted, gilded, and fitted with flowering vine
Silk fabric, ribbon, glitter and bobs and bits are tied to the side of the
case in a metal eyelet that was gilded and set into the casing.

A piece of favorite, hoarded paper was adhered to the back
along with a glassine envelope
that holds a painted up and stamped tag
tied with silk
Queen Fae Callia adorns the front of the envelope...
...a Paper Whimsy image
with crown and
wings attached.

This was an amazing project
and I truly loved every minute of it.

On the 20th I will find
out who is to receive my creation and off it will go wrapped and beribboned


Babsarella said...

Oh Rella, this project is WONDERFUL!!! You did an incredible job with the slippers and I love the way they sit in the shadowbox. Your presentation is just gorgeous!! Love the adorable fairy too...perfection!

Sharon said...

Ohhhh this project is just beautiful. I would have a hard time sending it out. I know they are teeny tiny but I need to go back and see when you first started.

catworx said...

This looks AMAZING, Rella....the recipient will be so thrilled..I love each & every little bit of it, from the slippers to the box....it is so pretty & ultra-feminine!!!

zUzU said...

=^..^= oh rella ...

Clearly one of your favorite projects ...
and the love placed into every stitch shows.

The slippers are enchanted.
I can truly see that the queen herself carefully places her slippers into their special box after each time she takes them out to ponder and adore. I do wonder however if even she, Queen Fae Callia, has ever done more than try them on ... Saving them for someday when her King comes to carry her away ...

Perhaps she shall wear them to dance at the wedding.
I bet she calls on you to design and make her gown ...

Such Wonderfulness.
xx love, zU

Lori said...

ooooh, lucky girl who receives this bit of beauty:) those slippers are so very lovely!!!

Ms Dragonfly said...

OMG! I WANT IT!!! everything is so scrumptiously beautiful! wow!

Sandra Evertson said...

Sandra Evertson

Carol Stocker said...

Great comments on your lovely slippers Rella. I agree, they are beyond gorgeous and I love the image of Queen Fae Callia saving them for a special day.

Rella, you've been tagged.

I’m tagging you for a Six Word Memoir! Check my blog for the details...Hope you play!

Joanna "Rowan" Mullane said...

Rella, these are the sweetest little fairy shoes I have ever seen! You better be careful or you might soon find yourself adorning all of the Faery Court! Beautiful work!

Maija said...

Your fairy slippers are beautiful! I have really enjoyed looking at all the fruits of this slipper challenge.
I think of you often, and hope you are happy!

Betzie said...

Any faerie would be envious of these shoes...so precious and magical.

Anonymous said...

Rella! These slippers are awesome! I'm sorry it's been so long since I visited! What fun I had on your blog. I'm looking for your little doll. : )