Me & Mr. J.

As I unwind after the first day back
to a

A Whole Lot of Crazy

I sit quietly on my bed here in the nest.
The only sound is my new little fan bringing in
some of the sweet air from the cool night

I don't really need the air tonight, but the sound
is soothing.

I confessed to that quirky habit birthed long ago
during the 5 plus years working third shift
and trying to sleep during the day.

This is the time I draw, blog a bit and think on what I love.
I looked around at my paper dolls and the many faeries
the books and magazines
and I am just happy.

And out of the blue
I suddenly remember a day several years ago
and the sweetest car ride
(there were many fun rides to nowhere in particular
before THE CAFE...and there will be again)

this conversation with Mr. J................

In the midst of chatter back and forth about this and that
and a few fun things that just tickle me and him,

I take a silent moment and my brain does a 'fast back and warp speed forward yo-yo thing'
that might make some dizzy.
But for me that is just how I am wired.

Noticing the pause he looks over at me and asks me what I am thinking...where did I go.

It's a question he has always asked.......
he has always been interested...from day one
(which was approximately 1,813 days ago)

I say "I am wondering if I will ever grow up......I mean, REALLY grow up."

With sincerity and the sweetest of smiley eyes he says

"I hope not."


Sharon said...

Ohhhhh, so mushy.

Anonymous said...

Well, if that's not love, then I don't know what is. And, I mean that by your storytelling, and remembering, I can see how much you love him, and by his fabulous, spontaneous reply to your query, I know he lovezzzzzzzzz you!!! I am swooning with your happiness and memories and I am envious of your delightful recollection of such wonderful conversation.
You go girl!!!!!!!!!!
Lovezzzzzzz and kissezzzz,
Audra Mae

zUzU said...

Oooo just ::HaPpY:: is nice!
Squishy and ::nice::

yep yep yep
=^..^= xxzU

Yep, that's me in the photo! said...

Rella, you might just be the luckiest women in the world and Mr.J is the luckiest man. Wow, what a lovely accounting of a special memory.