Here we are, another Sunday closes it's sleepy eyes

the lusciousness of being totally enveloped in all that I love
paint and brushes and paper everywhere

the air heavy with the perfume of orange, lemon, and grapefruit blossoms
cool and fragrant breeze coming through the windows.

Too soon, very soon, I will close everything up for months as the sun

beats down without mercy

and threatens to fry every precious thing,
especially my fair skin and sensitive eyes.

But for today,
it is glorious

and the laughter surely wafted over to the neighbors house
as Mr. J.'s eyes bugged out to discover

the kitchen counter covered with doll heads and
body parts.

....."Why are there dolls with heads off on the counter?" says he.

Me...."ummmm, new recipe?... (pause)

...Because sometimes a project calls for just a head," I explain
with a smirk but without looking up from the paint covered papers on the table.

Him, walking out of the room (eyes twinkling with the laughter he is trying to smother...."I don't EVEN want to know."

Me...laughing....."are you scared??....
you should be."

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Sharon said...

Doll heads and body parts! In a recipe? Delicious fun