I started her last night and gave her a light wash of color this morning.

This is how I begin.

Notice once again, I cannot help but get her eyes to at least 50% done.

I simply cannot move forward until her eyes are looking out at me.

Having no formal training, I can imagine that an instructor would shake her/his head and
be just exasperated with me.

I cannot follow rules of any kind.

And it works. For me, anyhow.

I must see her eyes and the rest then reveals itself.

Now, keep in mind that from here to the finished point she may take on a completely different look.

Shading, hair, more color to the eyes. The one sure thing is that she will not look like this in the end.

A few times I have become very fond of each 'personality' along the way.

I am hoping this will be for my sister's birthday the 10th of next month.

She labeled my girls

and has lovingly whined that I sold my last one
(Songs of My Heart)

before she saw it...

...and then fell in love with the postcard print I sent her.

Had I guessed she would love it so I certainly would have wrapped it up and presented it to her.

I persuaded her that it is in a very loving home
and that I would make her something of her own.


Not tooooooooooo much pressure.

There is an ease in artwork when there is no goal,
no intended purpose other than the joy of creating.

I will keep you posted on the progress
and whether she will be Sister Worthy.

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