We have been battling a problem in this area.

One that gives me the creeps and makes me nervous

One that has cost us over a $1,000 now

desert pack rats

did you shiver.......because I cannot even type it without every hair standing on end.

There are a few types in the desert.

Old town Scottsdale and Phoenix have to put up with roof rats.

Bad, bad, very bad.
They eat the citrus and head into the house under the roof.

Here we have pack rats. AND THEY EAT WIRE........


well, they don't eat it, they just like to chew it off
and take the insulation around it back to their nest.

We have one car in the garage...sweet little Blue. Older blue convertible Miata that needs special love.

Mr. J. has his car in the driveway.........I have mine in the driveway.

Several months ago his car needed $800 worth of rewiring because they had gotten up into the car and stripped the wires.

This past Monday my right driver's side blinker went bonkers and stopped working. I did my drive to Checkers to get the light and be independent thing...........only to be told that I could not possibly do it myself.

so I brought the car into our very trusty garage in town.

Out the guy comes with piece in hand and tells me. "Rats"...........

They are still working on the car because it's more involved then they first thought.

Our home is now circled with (close your eyes if you love rats) decon rat pellet trays.
They have completely taken one whole tray...gone...vanished
the second one I put out is completely empty.

Maybe they just love it and it doesn't bother them at all!!!!


The people at the garage told me they get a lot of business

because of rat damage.


this is a beautiful town.........



(not sure how this working gal got passed the gates)


this is a lovely neighborhood.

clean, tidy.........
(you've seen the trash cans lined up perfectly at the end of the driveways
..December post)

Now, before you begin to wonder "what about the cat?"

You've seen the photos of the pampered one.

But she is an inside cat and truthfully, I could not bring a cat indoors and pet her if she ate rats.

Just can't do it.

It's either a war on the rats or move...........I don't know where, really.

So as I am freaking out and waiting for my car and my bill ( update $211) I walk outside to take in the fresh air and blue sky and sunshine.

and over on the lemon tree I see the sunshine is peeking through the leaves

and leaving a beautiful heart in the trunk.

..........and for a few moments

I forget the rats

and remember that life is good.


red tin heart said...

My God! That is as creepy as h-e double toothpicks.
I am trying not to curse.
My hair stood up on end reading that.
My sister leaves in the country and the mice do the same thing to their cars.

But it is so strange that rodents like wire.
Or insulation off the wire.
Just weird.
I hope you guys come up with a solution to for the rats.

xoxo Nita

Sharon said...

Oh dear I can't imagine what the solution to this dilemma is. What do others do?

Babsarella said...

Yucko!!! That is most unpleasant. I guess I should be thankful that I only have to worry about the ducks that seem to be hanging in the back leaving nasty little "presents" that my dog seems to like for a snack. I think I would be taking the same action as you. Once they come onto my property, they take their chances!! Oh, BTW, I have a little 1990 red miata that is in my garage. It needs some work to make it pretty on the outside and a new soft top, but still gets me around. Once my daughter gets her licence, she will take my Toyota and I'll be back driving it again.

eve crowe said...

I think the sunshine heart was a good sign...I hope....RATS, ugh. Your story gave me the willies. Keep us updated.