And she is not done yet!!!!!

Why do I share the drawn out process??

Well, I know that there are those, like me, who are just stepping into a new form of art for themselves.

They think (like I did), that one sits down and in one adventure,

And sometimes that DOES happen.......
  • when the stars and moon are aligned,
  • and the cat behaves,
  • and the laundry does not need to be done,
  • and you do not have to stop and go to the place at the desk,
  • and the muse stick around long enough........

So I am sharing this process of a piece I truly love, but is taking a while to complete...

And hopefully encourage anyone who feels DIScouraged.
Stay the course!!!

Bird added after finally choosing one of 25....special necklace added.....some charcoal outline,
oh, and the decision that this will be
an 8X8 piece, matted in cream that will fit an 11X14 Frame.


Sharon said...

You are so busy today. I'm just now getting a little puter time. Tim has been hogging.
I don't know her name, did I forget? Anyway, I like her very much. The little bird is perfect for her and she is intently listening to it. Isn't she.

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

she turned out so lovely! wonderful, just wonderful.
xoxo nita ^o^

Mo'a said...

She is wonderful...I love the bird.
I also made a paper doll...the first since I was a little girl.
Sharon sure has inspired many of us to make a paper doll...such fun.

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, She is Fabulous! And the little bird on her shoulder, perfect!
Sandra Evertson