'Songs of My Heart'

It reads: A voice that lingers
singing the melody of memories

But it is not set in stone
I will pass by her many times
The possibility always exists that
something will come to me and
a change will occur


In the many times of passing
I will smile
and know she is done

and she will be matted and placed in my ETSY shoppe
and she will speak to someone else
and off she will go.


Maija said...

She's so lovely!!

Sharon said...

I believe she is ready for the signature. Very pretty. I had a great day off, how about you?

Sherry said...

I think she's ready to fly Rella!!

zorana said...

She is beautiful! Love her gentle features and the words around her hair...

kecia said...

of course, i adore it, because of the darling bird sitting on her shoulder. to me that birds represents the burdens she feels and that bird is their to lift her spirits. nice job!

Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Rella, I absolutely love beyond measure this piece. The text was written directly from my heart and her eyes look right into my soul. Wow! Hugs, Carol