Last week, after I posted my paperdoll (see earlier post) Sharon and I discussed how we were on the same paperdoll kick.

I should admit here and now, the paperdoll passion is never too far away.

I allow it it emerge a few times a year. Why I keep it at bay is a good question. If I were to have some 'couch time' I am not sure that is the first thing I would bring to the table.

Anyhow, Sharon, has a muse that is just gangbusters. Norah downright shouted to her to get on the stick and create a paperdoll.

In true SHARON fashion, she shared the process. Which, in turn, pushed me to now try a different paperdoll process.

At her delightful instruction, out came some small pieces of watercolor paper.

Small drawing began.
Painting in, began.
Arms with hands following Sharon's wonderful suggestion, came next. Legs, of course.

I found a stamped and corlred image that my dear friend Lynnie (no blog to share as of yet...hopefully soon) sent me or gave me during our 2006 Art Explosion. I cut the top portion - a jacket - off and the crown.

I knew exactly which papers I would use for her skirt...a black with cream text and a black and white stripe.

I'm not sure of what is next, but once I begin to assemble her, it will come. Norah sets the bar pretty high, so I will have to contemplate this.

Oh, and I forgot, I covered the body pieces front and back with gel medium to protect them.

Once she is done I will present her.


zUzU said...

Oh I wanna play!
This is beautiful ... and I admit, using the watercolor paper is what I thought you were doing before in another post. Not sure why I thought that. Is this the new part? The H2O color paper?

Eek. I thinks I is lost. A stamped and colored image ... errr ... huh? You mean stamped something onto the paper and then you colored? ::sigh:: Remember, I's a beginner at the stamp stuff.

One thing that did NOT lose me ... I love your work! And you know what? ... a little birdie fae riding upon a snail brought to me a little picture ::sigh:: one I was so in love with ::SIGH:: and then ... And THEN ... another!

Yep Yep Yep! Friends afar are a treasure. YEPPERS!

Oh ::Lucky::Ducky:: me!
Now if I can just figure out the paperdoll thing...
=^..^= love, zU

PJ said...

Cant wait to see her...great work!