Angels accompanying me yesterday put in some overtime.
It's not the first time.

I'd like to think it would be the last time they would HAVE to.

But in all seriousness
that is unlikely.


Rain descended upon us here in the desert for yet the second weekend.

As I type this
I am so happy to say that for the majority of THIS day, it has abated.

Roof issue, still not solved.

There is a possible contractor that I had on the phone as the rain began yesterday, and even though I didn't hear back last night or today as promised, I refuse to lose hope in them.

Rain & Angels:

It was dark by the time I left that desk at the office; the rain was steady with a fine, subtle veil of fog hardly noticeable.

Windshield wipers working wonderfully thanks to Mr. J. who had the foresight a few months ago to replace the seldom used, sun dried, flexible no longer, bits of rubber that were barely hanging on. Hardly necessary in a climate that gets less than one inch of rain a year, right?

Driver's side headlight JUST replaced two night prior
by a kind young man at Checkers Auto who took a liking to the
gal who laughed slightly in amusement at her pretentious "I know what I'm doing" stride to the counter.
I had been thrilled that the cost was barely $10,
but when he offered to go right out and put it in for me, I expressed that I had not even considered THAT!

He says, "Well, you're really nice".......hmmmmm. Maybe they say that all the time, but I will accept the gift of kindness, regardless.
Bless his heart.

O.K. so back to last night.

Dark, rain, subtle fog..........and now I add that this town I have lived in MOST of my nine years here in Arizona is DARK as DARK can be, save for two of the three roads that get you into and out of town.
And even those two roads are only lit somewhere in the middle where they cross with the few that head in the East/West direction.

This gorgeous town is dark at night without street lights because it would impede celestial viewing.
I am not kidding even slightly.

It's in the town rules.

I am one of many who love that fact.
It's lovely to be outside and see the stars so easily.

The trouble began when I missed the left turn I take onto one of the streets to bring me home.
Not too much of a problem as I know there is another left a short way ahead that I can take and meander home to the nest.

Except it's really, really dark and the subtle fog is now not so subtle.

I see the green sign that warns us that the street is just ahead and I turn left where I

Except it's not there as I turn.
There is nothing but curb..
And oncoming traffic that was not there as I made the turn
that they are about to drive into the side of my car.

How could they?
The lights were pointing the wrong way, in the rainy, foggy darkness.

And I don't know how to get out of the jam I am in because I have to back up to get my car turned right.
And I don't know where to watch and every second is vital as more traffic is
now coming from both sides.

And I freeze.

Insert Angels..........mine and theirs.

The other drivers SEE me and drive around...somehow....magically.
And I back up a bit and pull out the same way I got there.

Now shaking, I take the next right hand street I can see.
Saguaro Boulevard. The same street our cafe is on, but down a few miles,
but now I begin to hydroplane
as I come upon a small lake in the middle of the road
due to one of many washes.

WASH - A narrow, constricting dry bed of an intermittent stream, as at the bottom of a canyon, typically dry but subject to rapid flow during flash flooding.)

This instant lake is invisible until you are in it..because of the darkness.

So I start talking to these angels that I ALSO cannot see..

so that I don't cry.
(Clearly there is enough water to worry about.)

Circling the town, really, is what I am doing at this point to
find my way back home.....

..in the dark
sans celestial viewing...

..accompanied by celestial beings.

And I am so grateful.

My small gift to someone here..
in gratitude,
is this sweet book:

100 Ways to Attract Angels

A bookmark that I will create tonight

Just leave me a comment along with your e-mail

and I will draw a name Friday night


Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

Rella, you will need to make a bookmark for yourself as well. Please check out what you have won on my site! Please e-mail me with your address. Love Nita

dogfaeriex5 said...

you are my angel!!

Rosa said...

Bless you and your angels. Where would we be without them? Well, we all know the answer to that, I'm afraid. Have you ever seen the movie "Always" with Richard Dryfuss and Holly Hunter? It's a must see, for you and your angels. So happy you are safe. xo

kecia said...

when tucker was quite ill many years ago, i met an an angel in a while we were in the hospital. i came into his room one morning and i found an older woman inside rocking tucker. she was speaking to him in such a sweet voice. he was so sick at the time and very hard to hold as his brain was quite agitated from all the trauma. but she held and rocked him and he was as still as could be. it was so sweet and she didn't seem afraid of his injury at all. she brought hope into my heart - so i think that was her job! an angel of hope.

Joan Ellis said...

Oh, Rella, you yourself are an angel unaware! (I used to live in your neck of the woods, and my heart started beating wildly as I read your story. I am so glad the angels guided you home safely!) I believe.

red tin heart said...

Rella, I just re-read this.
The other night I was so excited about you winning the book I really only skimmed this post. I feel so bad for that because I see what danger you were in. I am so thankful that the God's angels were with you to protect you. I will read things more thouroughly from now on. xoxo Nita

Anonymous said...

Little Cindy Rella: Your post about the Angels watching over you was amazing.....it reminded me of this:
"Faith is to believe in what you do not see."
I am sooooooooooo glad and relieved that you are alright.
I have hated driving at night for over a year now. I guess you can relate. We have many rainstorms here in the fall. They can be so scary.
Lovezzzzzzzzzzzz to you,
Audra Mae

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

I have so many stories of angels providing protection to me. I'm glad they were there for you too.

http://lostaussie.typepad.com said...

Dear Rella, so glad that you are safe and sound and that the Angels took you under their wing!